Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival starts today!

It's here! It's here! It's finally here!

Can you tell that I'm excited?

The Fall Blogger's Quilt Festival is here, and you can enter it, too! Just pop over to Amy's blog and join the linky party!

I'm entering my mini-quilt that you see in the picture below:

I created this in July for a blog hop, and it has lots of three-dimensional interest. You'll have to excuse Padsworth there....our popular mascot for this blog loves to photo-bomb, and get into the pictures! (Grin)

This mini measures twelve inches square, and the background is free motion quilted to show the movement from the firecracker's explosion!
You can visit this link to see a full tutorial on how to make the mini -- here are a couple of highlights for you:

Cutting out some fabric pieces for the firecracker . . .

Stuffing the firecracker with polyfil . . . 

Placing the rickrack and then quilting the project . . .

After binding, placing the firecracker just so . . . 

A few added touches like mini-rick rack for more color, and to add to the explosion!

 See the shadows from the three dimensional pieces? I love it!

Padsworth loves it, too!

That's my entry for the festival. I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of how it was made, and I hope you will check out the linky party at Amy's place.

Quilt Festival Stats:
Finished mini measures 12" x 12"
Special techniques: 3D embellishments
Quilted by: Snoodles (with help from Padsworth)
Category: Mini-quilts
BQF # 69
I'm hoping that maybe I'll be nominated for a prize . . . we'll see how it goes! There are always wonderful quilts to see in the festival!
See ya there!




  1. Wow, that is fun and unique quilt! Great idea and beautiful work! x Teje

  2. You're a genius!! Talk about thinking 'outside of the box'!! What a fun little quilt!

  3. I'm entering too but in different categories. Good luck!

  4. I remember this-- it is so CLEVER!!! Thanks for sharing it today!

  5. I love this! What an awesome way to do dimensionality. So fun!

  6. That's pretty cool! Love the smoke effect of the stuffing...

  7. This Is such a fun little quilt!

  8. I love the innovation of your wall hanging. So much fun too!

  9. So clever - love the ric rac for the trails of the fireworks!

  10. Lots of fun in this mini. Your quilt looks great!

  11. I remember seeing this little quilt a few months ago and I loved it as much then as I do now. And it just wouldn't be a proper post by you without Padsworth being in on the action too.

  12. I love this little quilt!! It's wonderful!!

  13. I loved this when you first blogged about it. Great entry!!

  14. This is such a wonderful three dimensional mini-quilt!

  15. Oooh I saw that you had joined in this (I hadnt heard of it before) so now I have joined in too! Still love your firecracker quilt - so unique! Thanks for sharing again. #263

  16. I love it! I saw it before and loved it then too :)

  17. Great mini! Very neat way to display it, that stander or whatever it is you use is also fab.

  18. I'm so happy you entered this mini quilt!! It's adorable =D

  19. what a fun quilt - thanks for sharing!


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