Friday, October 12, 2012

Just a peek

Every moment that I can steal away and quilt, I've been working on my wall-hanging . . . but in spite of my best intentions, that has not been as often or as much as I would like. But I thought I would show you a peek at how it's progressing!

I'm no expert at the free motion quilting that I admire other people doing, but I think I'm getting better at one part of it --- meandering (or stippling, as some people call it). 

Tell me what you think (please be kind!):

I'm filling in an area with adorable animals and Christmas ornaments, and I'm trying to avoid stitching over them! I think they are so cute that I want them to show up with no stitches across their little faces and bodies!

I'm hoping to be able to reveal the whole wall-hanging soon!