Thursday, October 18, 2012

Apple core, Baltimore . . .

Who's your friend?

Some of you may recall the hilarious episode of Donald and the chipmunks, Chip and Dale, when they use the old comedy routine of "Applecore" --- for those of you who don't remember it, here it is:

If you want to see the whole cartoon, it's available over at that place that rhymes with "boo-cube" . . . no need to give them any more advertising, eh?

Anyway, my latest portable project reminded me of that . . . I think it was sometime last year that Barbara at Bejeweled Quilts had a giveaway, and I won some yummy scrap fabric that she had cut into apple core shapes with her Accuquilt cutter. (Gotta love those machines; I pat my Go!Baby every day and tell it how much I love it!)

I wasn't able to get to it until last week, when I finished another portable project and was ready to start this one:

Isn't this fun? I especially love the pops of color from the Samoan fabrics that she included. Thanks, Barb!

The reason the left-hand side looks a little strange is that it's pinned, ready to sew, but not yet completed! I'm not sure how large this will get --- I'm thinking lap quilt here, and I may have to cut a few more to finish it out. 

Tell me --- do you have a POPR? We quilters love our acronyms, don't we?  (PIGS, UFOs, etc)  
I just made that one up . . . I think I'll use that to mean "portable project" . . . you like it? Do you take a project with you when you leave your sewing space?

I'm linking up today with the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop over at Katherine's place, and her cohost is Marla Martensen!


  1. Very cute quilt. I like that acronym. I take projects along...don't generally work on them.

  2. such a cute idea!

    very cute quilt! great fabric, too.

    i reallly enjoyed my visit here
    have a lovely day!

    stopping by via katherine's corner.

  3. Cute!!! I love your apple core quilt. I think a lap size one would be perfect....cold weather is coming!! You need something to snuggle on the couch with =D
    I don't take sewing projects anywhere, but I do take knitting!!

  4. Sometimes, depending on how my hands are feeling, I work on some hand embroidery. I love your apple cores and can't wait to see more!

  5. Apple core is on my to-do list! love this classic and look at you, hand piecing. great work!

  6. Love the look of your project! My sister and I still get a kick out of that Apple core cartoon. It's one of our very favorites. :)


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