Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Howling (or maybe meowing) Good Time . . .

I know that many of you are gearing up for Halloween. You may be working feverishly to complete costumes for your kiddos.  Just a side note here, but our kids never "did" Halloween -- I know, I know, I heard the collective gasp across blogland --- but it was because of our faith; we didn't think it was appropriate for our family. That doesn't mean, tho, that I get all snippety-frippety with others who do enjoy the activities. (Grin)

Whilst you are thinking and sewing, have you considered costuming your pet? I got a chuckle out of these dog and kitty costumes that were out there on the interwebs . . .

(Courtesy of the site)

Remember? Ch-ch-ch-chia!

This one is cute, too!

It's from the blog called "Dogclothespatterns"

Even the kitty-cats can get in on the fun . . . pirates, cool dudes, and more can be found all over blogland:

(This one is from a blog that featured this and other pictures two years ago.)

So, will your pet be getting in on the Howloween fun this year?



  1. I'm afraid our Bullet, wouldn't allow for such stylish fun, she'd be more apt to eat her costume. But our Diva will have a barking good time when the little ghosts, withces and goblins come trick or treating at our door!

  2. We never did Halloween much either....the kids would dress up for Fall Festivals at church, but that was about it.

  3. I love seeing everyone's pets all dressed up, but unfortunately the boys don't like to wear costumes of any kind. Silly kitties =P

  4. Ohhhh have you looked at Cute Overload today ( They have lots of pictures of pets in costume =D

  5. Cute photos - I especially like the Chia Pet :D We only dressed up one of our dogs once as he was in a parade. And, of course, since he was a doxie he HAD to go as a hot dog - bun, with mustard and ketchup with him as the dog.

  6. I don't do Halloween either, but I might see if I can find some costumes on clearance after Halloween to dress up my kitties with!

  7. GASP! haha, just kidding!
    We have friends who don't celebrate either. I make my kids go so i can eat their candy after they go to bed=)

  8. Buster will be a hot dog. Again. LOL So hard to find cute costumes that fit him! I am esp in love with the Chia costume. hahahaa

  9. I'm skipping Halloween this year because of wedding festivities for the youngest.... but I have done my time and then some, making costumes. Now Karen makes her own and Laurie isn't really into it. I would just hide this year on Halloween evening, with the lights out, but for some reason, my husband loves answering that door (complete with all five rescued dogs howling at the approaching new friends). It's quite a racket. This year, I will be happily in my sewing room with the door closed, working on some Christmas gifts! Win-win!! :)

  10. I'm pretty sure that my cat (who is 18) would plot his revenge with my early demise if I tried to dress him up. LOL But Anne is completely ready pictures on the blog next week :)


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