Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let's Party! (NEWFO party, that is!)

Padsworth and DragonDrop want to invite you to a party! Oh, boy, are they ready!

DragonDrop has realized that when humans say "party" it generally means yummy food and something yummy to drink, too! Check out this picture:

It's the monthly linky party over at Barbara's blog, Catpatches --- our Enabler in Chief has opened up the festivities and we all have an opportunity to show off our irresponsibility, er, compulsiveness, er, new ways to use up our stash. There, that sounds better. (Grin)

And yes, I have started several new things this month! I already showed you my tumbler baby quilt:

and my apple core project:

Now check out my string blocks! 
Let me show you my take on making these fun blocks . . . 

Ya got an old paper weight, er, phone book around the house? Well, tear out some pages and cut them into squares! I use 5.5 inches for my blocks. (Don'tcha love to re-purpose things?)

Next, I dove into my scraps, and the first thing I came up with was a handful of lovelies that Mistress Brooke graciously sent to me. I think most of you know how these blocks are made, so I'll just show you the results:

Please ignore the chubby, coffee-stained finger there, and concentrate on the scrappy loveliness!

I have made these beauties so far: 

Aw, they're so quick and fun, let's make one more, so I can show you my fav layout:
I do love me some basket-weave design! (One of the blocks has tiny kangaroos on it -- the fabric came all the way from Padsworth's bestie in Australia! Hi Mhairi!)

And here is one last picture across the blocks, to get you to drooling . . . by the way, most of these are available at the Intrepid Thread. So if you want to get your hands on some, tell Julie, and she'll put together a package and ship it before you can tell your hubby, "Why, honey, of course those fabrics were on sale!" (Wink)

Join us at the NEWFO party, won't you? Padsworth and DragonDrop will be so happy to see you!!

And, as always, we try to link up with sweet Katherine over at the Thursday Favorite Things hop! Check it out! Lots of fun and inspiring projects there!



  1. great blocks, now whayt's NEWFO again?

  2. Fun stuff going on over there!!

  3. Don't drink too much tequila Padsworth and Dragondrop. I like your blocks and your quilts.

  4. LOL! Your posts always make me giggle =D I love the new blocks!!! Keep them coming!!!

  5. you have been busy. love your apple cores.

  6. I love your projects especially the apple cores.

  7. Great projects. I need to make a string quilt one of these days.

  8. LOVE your projects, especially the apple core. Like an optical illusion depending on how you look at it! Thanks for the tip of phone book pages for a template. As a newbie quilter, I love the tips you share. Thanks Snoodles!

  9. Wonderful! Thank you fro the mention too and Thank you for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Happy Monday wishes xo P.S. sorry I'm so late visiting :-)


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