Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our new arrival

It is with great hoppiness that Padsworth and I announce the arrival of his new Best Friend Forever . . .  remember when I said his special friend, Mhairi, sent him something from Australia?

Follow along, and I'll tell show you what happened!

Padsworth was out in the yard, enjoying the sunshine and watching the ducks . . .

When what to his wondering eyes should appear -- no, not eight tiny reindeer, but a tiny dragon!

The little dragon "dropped" in, wearing a tiny parachute!

He introduced himself as "Dragondrop" and Padsworth was charmed. Dragondrop said that he had come to help Padsworth with the blog duties, and with the OleFrogEyes virtual design wall, too!

They made a friendship pact, and Padsworth helped him pack his parachute, so he could stay.

(Isn't he adorable?) I absolutely love the little guy -- Mhairi, thank you so much!  I think she did an awesome job, with such little arms and legs and such a cute face!
This is how he came to have the name, Dragondrop: remember a while back, when we announced a new upgrade in capabilities for the OleFrogEyes design wall?
Our software will now allow you to "Drag" and "drop" an uploaded quilt block to any of the spaces on your layout!!
Get it? Drag and drop? (Dragondrop!)

Now look at this cute lil sleeping bag that he arrived in.....

And he'd had a good long sleep on his trip from Australia, so he was a little drowsy, and wanted to hug his blankie:

But soon he was wide awake and 'rarin to go!

Mhairi made him his special blankie, and the fabric has froggies on it! As well as a darling froggy button:

She tucked in the beautiful postcard, and a special giftie for me! Just look at this awesome fat quarter of fabric that I've not seen before!

I'm already thinking up ways to use it!

In case some of you are new followers here at the Lilypad, here is a glimpse of what your quilt can look like, as you build it in cyberspace -- in your very own virtual design wall and gallery, at OleFrogEyes where your friends can look at how your project is coming along:

This, for example, is a table runner that I made last year and featured on the gallery. At that time, if I wanted to move a block -- let's say that I thought there was too much of one color concentrated in one area -- I had to upload the photo again, to a different square on the layout.

Not any more!! (Grin) Due to the diligence of our software department, and the hard work of little Dragondrop, you can now click on the block you wish to move, and drag it to another square!! Easy peasy!

See the little wrench there? That is the signal that you have clicked on your block, and it is ready to move.

Then you can move it, and see how you like it in the new position:

So, if you are constructing a quilt with thirties reproductions and realize you have too much of that bubblegum pink in one area, you can use this to move it around and decide on the perfect layout. Some of the members at OleFrogEyes say that they refer to their design wall to help them when they are putting the blocks together into a quilt top.  They can look over there and see "which block goes next."

Cool, huh? You can zip over to OleFrogEyes if you like, and cruise around the Gallery (just look for the button that says "Gallery" and click on it!) looking at members' quilts. Be sure to check out Joy Denise and Yvette, and also CraftyMamaD --- you'll love their quilts!

I guess this post has gotten pretty long -- I have something fun for you for tomorrow.  Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to gather up a few GI Joes, Transformers, or other action figures. Hey, this project will work with CareBears and plushies, too!

Padsworth and DragonDrop say, "See you tomorrow!"
I'm linking up today with Katherine's Corner, and the Thursday Favorite Things hop! (And with her cohost, Susan, at MustLoveJunk) because quilting and software are two of my favorite things!



  1. Welcome DragonDrop! I love your color. You and Padsworth look so good together.

  2. SO glad he arrived safely. I hope that he does lots of hard work and helps Padsworth out with all the work around the place. Hugs to all of you from Down Under. Looking forward to folllowing your adventures.

  3. Hi, DragonDrop! Nice to meet you-- and let me say, "What a cool name!!! " :-) That fat quarter is SO cute!!! Can't wait to see what it will become! :-)

  4. Awesome! Reminds me of a presentation I once saw....was for a software company years ago....instead of having a twirling emblem when you waited for the system to process it had a little dragon that marched across the screen. It too was a result of drag and and drop. Great minds!

  5. Welcome to DragonDrop. I'm excited about the improvements to Old Frog Eyes. I did not like the loading and re-loading to move part so this is a welcome update. Thanks!

  6. He's just adorable. I'm glad Padsworth has a buddy to help out.

  7. Welcome DragonDrop! You will love your new home!

  8. I love DragonDrop - you are so creative lady! And thank you for the shout out!

  9. After a long day, this post brought a welcome smile. :)

  10. I love Dragondrop. So cute!!!!! And the new drag and drop feature looks really nice too =D

  11. hello sweet dragon drop ( my fav color) Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo


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