Monday, October 8, 2012

A "peach" of a pear . . .

Happy Monday, everyone!

I received a lovely pear pincushion recently as part of a Modern Scraps swap that I really enjoyed. I love my pincushion, and thought it looked like something I could make. I don't have the pattern, so I decided to "wing it" and make one on my own. Does that sound like something you would do?

Here is the shape of the pieces that I cut out:

I ended up tapering the top of the pieces to a more narrow shape, and that worked out pretty well. 

I used some of my wonderful scraps that I received in the swap. I cut out five of those shapes, and then pieced some eensy scraps together for the sixth one.

And this is the pincushion that I made:

The leaves are more of my "lazy" leaves, but this time I folded my fabric over a piece of batting and blanket stitched (free-hand) a leaf shape . . . then I cut close to the stitches, and Voila! Leaves!

The "stem" is a piece of rolled up batting, with fabric stitched around it . . .

I enjoyed making this pincushion, and I'm sending it off to someone special! Stop in tomorrow for more Lilypad fun!



  1. How cute! I make free-hand things from time to time, but somehow yours turn out a lot better than mine do, lol!

  2. Love it. Great job. NO pattern,eh.

  3. ooh, I think I might wanna try that... we'll see. I really love it.

  4. adorable! pretty impressive for a "wing it"

  5. Oh gosh...this is adorable! You are a smart girl! Love the fabrics!

  6. Perfect...and amazing photography too :)

  7. What a really, really, cute pincushion.
    Hugs from germany

  8. Would I have ever guessed that I was someone special?...never in a million years! But, this peach of a pear lives with me now and MY pins are sticking out of it!...and I'm now feeling pretty special. Thanks so much Jacque! You are such a sweetheart! My smiling face today is due to your kindness and generosity. Hugs to you, Annie


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