Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Signs of Autumn

I snapped some photos over the weekend and wanted to share some of them with you.

There are signs of autumn everywhere, aren't there?

The leaves are becoming brilliantly colored . . .

And some of the flowers are showing off their colors before the frost nips them . . .

My Confederate Rose (that's a "hibiscus mutabilis" for you horticultural whizkids!) is stunning. Here are some buds that I hope will open before frost:

This is one of the blooms on the first day:

And this is the same bloom on the very next day:

So you can see both colors on the plant at the same time!

Here is a close up of one of the flowers:

There are lots of seeds to be found:

And the grapevines are loaded . . . these muscadines and scuppernongs give off a heavenly aroma:

How are things in your "neck of the woods"? Are you seeing signs of autumn?



  1. In my neck of the woods (down under in South Australia) we are into spring, so we have all of the lovely spring flowers in bloom such as daffodils and poppies, as well as the pretty wisteria climbing over pergolas, achoo, its a sneezy time of the year.

  2. Wow...beautiful. Those are some interesting seeds.

    We are definitely seeing autumn here and I hope to get some good pictures one of these days.

    Have a great week.

  3. Sadly the main sign here is that leaves are turning brown - with no pretty colors first.

  4. No autumn here, but we don't normally see it, just get a little cooler weather. I love those pictures, especially the colors of the Confederate Rose, beautiful. Thanks.

  5. Hmmm. All we have is"brown and down". You have to look fast to catch Autumn in North Texas.

  6. Beautiful images. Definitely seeing lots of fall colors around here.

  7. Gorgeous photos!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Frost has gotten our garden and out flowers, but the Tamaracks (larch) are in their most golden stage. The back roads look like they are paved with gold from their needles.
    Nellie's Mom

  9. We're in the last days of Blast Furnace Season.... in fact when I left last week for a trip to WY, it was over 100, and back home yesterday, it was in the low 80s, so I'm hoping we are on our way to spring. We bypass fall/winter entirely here (very few pretty leaves), and I'll be planting pansies and other spring flowers soon.... Spring lasts until about August (with occasional spurts of Hot) and then its Blast Furnace Season again until mid October... I'm looking forward to four seasons when we (hopefully) retire to Tennessee!! :)

  10. That hibiscus flower is just stunning. I've never seen one before!
    We are finally out of the 90's, and the grass is dead dead dead.

  11. Beautiful photos and love the closeup of the seeds! Your grape pictures make me miss the vineyard we used to have. The leaves are changing color around here too! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  12. Beautiful pictures!!! Does this mean you are the proud owner of a new camera? Up here the leaves have changed to some of the most beautiful shades of red and rust you've ever seen!


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