Saturday, October 6, 2012

3 Dimensional FUN !!

Remember that Christmas wall-hanging that I was working on? I had to put it on hold for a short while, but I'm back to work on it now, and I want to show you something cool. Alright, so I have dated myself there, by saying "cool." At least I didn't say "far out" or "groovy" or something else embarassing. Ahem.

The wall-hanging that I'm speaking of (or is that the wall-hanging of which I speak?) is the one I created from the lovely Jacquelynne Steves Christmas fabrics and panel.

I wanted to make the ornaments around the edge of the panel really pop, so I thought I would try some three dimensional embellishments. I think I mentioned before that I found a quick and easy way to make leaves over at Linda Matthews' blog.
All you do is take a piece of your chosen fabric, and fold it over a piece of fusible web, like steam-a-seam or wonder under. Iron it so that it's all fused nicely, then trace your leaf template onto the fabric. When you cut the leaves out, there will be fabric on both sides, and no need for finishing the edges. Unless you are a sucker for more work and just have to do it. Me? I was quite content with my "lazy leaves."

I found some satin ribbon in my stash, but any ribbon will do if you wish to use this technique. I tied a bow and ran a couple of stitches through it, then tacked the bow and holly leaves to the "hanger" of each ornament ball.

Want to see? Aww, you're so nice. OK, I just happen to have some pictures to show you. (Grin)

See how the leaves and ribbon are sitting up, off the fabric panel? I love it! Look at the shadows behind them . . . to me, that adds a lot of interest to the ornament.

That's a picture of a corner of the wall-hanging, so you can see two ornaments.

Here is a close up of Mr. Mousie, in his cameo role on one of the balls. Please excuse the unclipped threads there. 

And here are two more:

Well, I can hear some of you humming "Jingle Bells" already, so I must have put some of you in the mood to create some Christmas magic! Be sure to check out Jacquelynne's fabrics and enjoy them -- they are so lovely!