Monday, August 8, 2011

One More Day to Enter! And an Enormous Announcement!

This is the final day of our Fat Quarter Shop sponsored giveaway! Get your entries in, and good luck to everyone!

Speaking of winners, the Jolly Jabber blog is having a bodacious giveaway, too! So click here to hop over and enter to win!

If you are looking for a blog team so that you can enter the Wantobe A Quilter campaign at Stash Manicure, click here to sign up. And click here and here to make sure you follow the simple rules and are eligible to win when you comment there!

Did you hear trumpets? And a drum roll, too!

We are rolling out the beta version of some new software on the OleFrogEyes site!

A fantastic upgrade for our subscribers - - only members of the OleFrogEyes community of quilters (don't you want to join us? Of course you do!) can take advantage of this new functionality on our site.

Do you like Peggy or Petunia's quilts? Then let them know - leave them some comment love! 

Adore the colors on a Farmer's Wife sampler quilt? Let that quilter know about it!

Competing with a guild buddy on the same pattern? Indulge in a little competitive smack-talk! But remember, our sheriff will crack down on rough-housing, so mind your manners!!

At just $2.50 a month, our virtual design wall is a bargain! Ole Frog Eyes is a cool tool for quilters, giving us the ability to lay out blocks in cyberspace and adjust their placement to our liking. We can audition lattice colors and borders, too.

Check out this link for our Notes and Nibbles page, for a story-telling-style explanation of what we're all about. You'll be chuckling at the antics of Peggy and Petunia as they learn about OleFrogEyes!

Come join us and be a part of the new quilting technology!  New technology + old art form = even more fun!



  1. Oh, that is a great idea! I haven't looked at the quilts in a while and have some time to kill so I think I'll hop right over and look. Something about this blog makes me wanna hop...


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