Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Muse - Day Again!

Here at Lilypadquilting, Tuesdays are Muse - Days! Last week, Elby introduced the idea: the Muses were those lovely Greek ladies that were in charge of inspiring humans to lofty heights of poetry, song, and art!

This week, I have found a lovely lady that will definitely inspire you!!
Many of us are struggling to learn how to "free motion quilt." We have heard it said that it takes "practice, practice, practice!"

And so we do. 

And we practice some more.


Sometimes it helps to look at an example of a project that someone has completed. And they've done a great job on it. And it looks be-yew-ti-full!

So, click on the link right here:  THIS IS THE LINK  and you will be transported via a magic carpet whisked away to see a lovely quilt that was entirely free motion quilted with loving care --- by the Green Fairy herself, Judi of Green Fairy Quilts.

(Psssst! I think I'm gonna ask Judi for some fairy dust to sprinkle around . . . maybe then I will be able to quilt like that! Grin.)

Have a happy Muse - Day!



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