Thursday, August 4, 2011

Peaceful Paper Piecing? NOT!!

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Lately I have been inspired to try something that has intimidated me for quite some time.....paper piecing. A show of hands, now - any of you special peeps do that?

Ahem. Well, don't rub it in. 

You see, I just can't seem to get the hang of it. I have gorgeous examples to look at. Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts has posted about some lovely paper pieced blocks she has made, that really do inspire me to try. 

Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks even wrote a very clear tutorial with pictures and lots of explanations. Currently she is leading a quilt-along of a lovely grist mill from the land of my youth: beautiful Virgina.....but I, the Queen-of-Too-Many-Commitments knew my limitations, and didn't start that one!
Even my sister shows me up - she can paper piece gorgeous blocks! You should check out her blog and her gallery on OleFrogEyes and see!

Isn't that pretty?

I think I know what happened.....she must have gotten all of the paper-piecing talent, and I got none. How, you ask? Well, I envision it this way:

Imagine a tiny cherub in a long line of sweet babes, getting ready to head down to earth (I'm one of 'em). Saint Peter leans over with a smile and says, "Now....for your talents.... do you want to paper piece?" I, hanging over the edge of the cloud, am distracted by the awesome view: "No, I don't want to scrape your geese." I look up and smile brightly at the saint. 

He realizes I misunderstood, and tries to clarify (you know saints are patient, right? That is how they get to be saints!), "One day when you are older, do you want to do paper piecing?" Totally confused now, I resumed my scouting of the earth below me, and replied, " I don't think so; pay-for-greasing sounds like a yucky job to me." Saint Peter probably sighed and muttered something under his breath about this generation and their lack of attention span as he grabbed my diaper and pulled me back from the edge of the cloud. And then I guess he gave my sis a double portion of the paper piecing gene, because she is a whiz at it!

You don't believe me, eh? Take a glance here at my very first attempt....

I believe the ground under the lighthousekeeper's house is sinking!
Or, try this one....this is from a pattern called "Crazee Heart" that Marcia of Crafty Sewing and Quilting provided. 

(Either the block or the photographer was a little catty-whompus there! You did know I was from the south, right?! LOL)
I don't know if you can see it, but on the upper right of the heart, I sewed two pieces of fabric together to cover that portion.... and I have a - well, a rumple, a pleat, I'm not sure what to call it, but I'm thinking about some decorative stitching to hold it down! 

Now, lest you think that I am totally devoid of any talent, one thing I CAN do is "make fabric" from scraps, and then use it for a project. This is a heart that I made for a friend in the blogging community:

Sew, that went much better!

Now, my paper piecing friends.....I know you are there; I saw those hands! I want to try one more time on the Crazee Heart - I need at least one to send to Tonya for the quilt she is making. 

I am counting on you to make my paper piecing more peaceful! Give me some tips that will help me complete this with fewer gray hairs and more fun!!


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