Friday, August 26, 2011

We Have a *FLURRY* of Winners!

Oh, I know it's been a long week for you. You've been gazing sooooo longingly at that DELECTABLE Flurry, by Kate Spain. Wondering if you could build a time machine to scoot ahead to this very day, and win it!

. . . Ya know, it truly is a lovely line of fabric . . . I think it wants me to keep it . . . Hmmmm, I wonder if anyone will notice if I kidnap some of it? [Padsworth steps in] Oh! Hi, Padsworth! Me? Oh, no --- I wasn't going to take it --- honest!!!

. . . He doesn't believe me. But *LOOK* at this fabric! Can you blame me?!?

Of course, The Fat Quarter Shop, one of our fabulous sponsors, has lots of options for me, and for those of you who didn't win prizes, today! With great pricing and lightning-fast shipping, they're an awesome resource for all of us --- so, we can all have some!

Thanks go out to everyone in our Lilypad Quilting community for a great turnout for our giveaway, and especially to our lovely fellow bloggers who spread the word about our prizes!

And a heartfelt thanks goes to Jeanne, over at Heat Press Batting Together --- without her product, we'd still be zigzagging batting together for large quilts and for small projects, too!

Don't forget now, if you are not one of our winners, hop over to Jeanne's site and order a roll to save your sanity, OK? That one roll will go on for 999,999 miles. See? Lookit!

. . . Okay. Maybe I do get carried away. Sometimes.
But it does come really close!! :)

That one roll will help you with three full size quilts, or many, many small projects! And to clinch the deal, she offers free shipping all the time . . . not just every now and again. So, you can drop by any time and purchase some Heat Press Batting Together --- you'll love it!

Now, let the FLURRY of winning begin!!

 First winner:  We asked Monsieur Random dot Org to help, and he chose comment number . . . one hundred and twenty four!

Comment #124 was left by Quilt Pecan/Angela, who said . . .

Way to go, Angela! Your purchase allowed you three extra comments, and Monsieur dot Org picked one of those! I'll be contacting you for your shipping information momentarily!

 Second winner:  Next, Monsieur dot --- oh, I'll just call him "Randy". Well, Randy took a deep breath, closed his eyes and jabbed his pudgy little finger at . . . sixteen!

Comment #16 was left by Jessica, who said . . .

Awww, congratulations, Jessica!  :) And I'll be touching base with you, too, and get your prizes sent out, tout de suite!

Well, all that excitement was exhausting!! I guess that wraps it up, for today --- congratulations to our winners, and --- huh? Wait, you mean --- no way!!! Padsworth says we have one more winner! I don't believe it --- THREE in one giveaway!

I'm gonna need more coffee . . . [slurp] That's better. Okay! Let's do the finale!!!

Drum roll! Maracas!! TRUMPET!!!

Wow. He's got skills. He even added a guitar in there, too . . .

Well, we were honored that eighteen special blogging friends posted our giveaway on their blogs! One of these bloggers will win our EXCLUSIVE "blogger's prize package", right now!!

 Third winner:  Will somebody help me wake up Randy? I think he's all tuckered out. Ah, there we go! Once more, monsieur!!! And thus Randy picks number . . . THREE!

The third blogger in our list is Anita, who said . . .

Yay!! Padsworth and I are clapping our hands (well, in his case it's little feets!) for you, Anita! You've got a really special prize!! I will send an email winging its way across cyberspace to you, for your shipping information!

Well, I think this time, we *are* done. Right, Padsworth? Phew! He's says we're done. What a hard-working little fella he is, too. Such an excellent work-ethic is no doubt coupled with immense kindness and generosity. No, I'm not trying for a raise . . . but I would like a little Christmas bonus, this year --- how 'bout it, boss? Aw, you're as stingy as ever, you amphibian! Hey! Get back here!

Oh! Um, thanks again to everyone who entered our giveaway! Stay tuned, because we have some fun posts scheduled for the coming days!


[chases after Padsworth]


  1. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for hosting yet another fun give away.

  2. What an awesome surprise to return home to today! I am stoked!!!!! Yippee...I'm sooo happy and I love that fabric! Thank you all for the lovely've got one excited recipient here!!!!

    Congrats to the other winners too....oh, I'm just all warm and fuzzy...happy happy happy! =)

  3. Congrats to the three lucky winners! Thanks for having such a fun giveaway :)

  4. This was an awesome "welcome home for your weekend" treat! Been a loooooong week. So excited to have won!!! Thanks for the giveaway. :-) :-) Can't wait to see the fabric from FQ shop. I haven't ordered from there yet. I'm sure I will be after seeing it though!
    Congrats to the other winners too! Cool that so many of us could get a piece of the winnings!

  5. Congratulations to the lucky winners and to you, my dear, for the marvelous giveaway! God bless! :D


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