Thursday, August 11, 2011

Subscriber Spotlight - - Yvette!

Note: There's a giftie at the bottom....keep reading!

Our spotlight is shining today on one of our founding subscribers - Yvette!

I'd like for all of you to go (in a minute) and check out her quilts-in-progress on the OleFrogEyes site....she has FIVE, count 'em, five quilts there!

Grab that java and let's set a spell. 

Got your PC fired up? Good!

Would you like a snack? I always say that you need strength for the strenuous work of quilting, patting fabric, admiring blocks, etc. 
It just wouldn't do to "run out of steam" now, would it? 
Here, have one fresh from the oven.....

Mmmmmmm.......ahem. Back to our spotlight.

Let's look at how our design wall helps Yvette with her spectacular blocks....go to her portion of the gallery, and click her personal avatar, and then click on her "Rainbow Jane." See how the block colors are arching up and then down, in the shape of a rainbow? Can you imagine having that laid out on your floor, and then your favorite furbaby walking in, ready to play? Oh, boy!

After you have admired that one, try clicking on her "Civil War" block of the week quilt. This one is interesting because she started it AFTER everyone else had done about twenty-five of the blocks! Yvette, and her pal Joy Denise (also one of our first subscribers) looked the problem square in the eye and ...

the light bulb went off!!  
They decided to catch up! How, you ask?

First they made the block #25, A-N-D they made block #1. Then when it was time to make block #26, they also made block #2! See how the quilt is filling in? !!! Smart cookies! (Oh - I got a little distracted by our snacks...)

I'd also like to point you toward her Sylvia's Bridal Sampler....anybody here like blue? Ahhh, there you are - I see you waving! Well, me too! Check out how she has set off her blocks with a lattice and contrasting intersections....I like that!

Now, not all of you are subscribers, so you can't leave her comments below her quilts, but you CAN leave her some comment love here. If you like what you saw, tell her so, and Padsworth and I will make sure she sees your message!

In the meantime, be sure to check out our newest sponsor's new arrivals....the Fat Quarter Shop has "Children at Play" by Sarah Jane. Have you seen her designs? Check 'em out right here. That link will take you to her blog, and from there you can see lots of inspiring illustrations and goodies. (No, she doesn't know I'm giving her a shout out....I just love her designs and her new fabric!) 

For those of you, my special peeps, who have stuck with me and kept reading, here is a little something for you... a chance to win a Sarah Jane Studios journal book, and a lovely card with envelope. 

(I promise I only drooled on them a little.)
Can you blame me? I had those in my hand, and they were so cute, and then I was looking at the new Sarah Jane fabrics at the Fat Quarter Shop.....

Well, if you would like to have the journal and the card, just leave me a comment and tell me which of Yvette's quilts you love the best. And if you are a follower of Lilypadquilting, you can get another chance. We'll draw a happy winner on Saturday.

Good luck!