Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Easy Peasy!

Are you looking for our spectacular giveaway hosted by our new sponsor, the Fat Quarter Shop? Just click here!

Are you a late-comer to the Wantobe A Quilter party? You can still click here to be part of the fun, and be eligible for prizes!

Padsworth and I give a special tip of the hat to one of our favorite people, Madame Samm at Stash Manicure, for this cute graphic:

There have been some comments on the Wantobe A Quilter giveaway posts that were left by "no-reply" bloggers! Eeek! If your comment is decorated with these words,

No-reply blogger

you won't even get one prize.....We should probably decorate that with a skull and crossbones, and have eerie music playing as you read that line! It's NOT good!!

Trust me, you don't want this to happen. All of those lovely prizes at Stash are going to be given away, so it might as well be YOU that is happy dancing, right? Right!

Follow these instructions and all will be well:
  1. In, click on Dashboard.
  2. Select Edit Profile.
  3. Check the box for "Show my Email Address."
  4. Save changes.

    So, all of you peeps who have signed up on the Lilypad quilting team, be sure to check your settings and make sure you are eligible to win!
    And, as always, follow Stash, and mention the Lilypadquilting blog as your team-mate...NOTE: I've been told that some of the comments on Stash have not mentioned their sponsor-blogs - don't let that happen to you!!
    Then if the random number generator picks your comment, YOU WILL WIN!!!   YAY!!



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