Saturday, August 13, 2011

Something's Brewing!!

Pssst! We're cookin' up something good here at Lilypadquilting.....

There's a product review in the works, along with a giveaway! Our master chef is putting together all of the necessary ingredients for a wonderful post - gonna tell you about a great product, and then give away some nice prizes!


Padsworth tells me that you can't rush good cookin', so check back with us!

Want a couple of hints? 

Here's the first one: the name of the designer of the fabric we will feature reminds me of a country where toreadors are special, don't say it out loud - it's a secret!!

The second hint: the name of the fabric line kinda makes me start "ho, ho, ho-ing" to myself!

(My hubby says I just gave it away....he says now you know for sure! He must think you are all clairvoyant or something! Or, maybe you have a crystal ball, or special powers....I'm hoping for special powers someday - know what I want? The power to always have a scant quarter inch seam!!)

Now, don't tell....Haha! NOT! Tell anyone you want to - and we'll have lots of fun when the cookin' is done!

In the meantime, don't forget about the ongoing giveaways at Stash here to sign up, OK? (That link takes you to our sign-up form.) We will send you a welcome email with all the instructions you need!



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