Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Better Late Than Never, Right?

Earlier this year, (actually MUCH earlier this year --- I am months behind!) some of my favorite bloggers celebrated "May for Me."

It was a month filled with quick projects, posts filled with happy notes of time spent playing with fabrics, or just playing in general, and doing things that brought joy to the do-er. In other words, we gave ourselves permission to just have fun!

We put this aside . . .

We enlisted our kiddos to help out . . .

And we made sure we spent time having fun . . . 

. . . with our families and with our fabrics!

One lady that is close to my heart offered a Quilt Along, with pieced blocks and stitcheries. Tonya, of Hillbilly Handiworks, did an awesome job of designing a lap quilt to go with the springtime theme. Here are some examples --- Tonya completed one, and Sharon did too!

Now, here is the better-late-than-never part . . . I'm only just now completing some of the sections! 

I'm utilizing the May for Me piecework, and a couple of the stitcheries (Thanks, Tonya!) for a quilt for my mom-in-law! 

Oops! The photographer got a little wonky there!

I'm using some of my beloved thirties repro prints and solids, and this is the windmill stitchery block.

Here is the block with the tulip stitchery . . .

And here are some of the blocks laid out together:

I'm adapting and adding to the design that Tonya graciously gave to us. Tailoring it, you might say, to my mom-in-law's personality. Well, actually to her history. I'm adding some things that reflect the stories she has told us, of her childhood.

Here's an example:

See that wee little rocking chair? When she was just a little bitty girl, she and her sister received small, red rocking chairs and baby dolls to lavish TLC on . . .

She has told us that many evenings they would sit in their rockers in front of the fire, and tend their "babies." They would rock, and rock, and then their eyes would meet, and one or the other would start to giggle. Well, you know what happened then --- a giggle fest! They would chuckle and snicker and try so hard to be quiet, but then they would look over at one another again, and whoops! There they went again!

I'll be showing you some more of the blocks as I complete them, and tell you the stories behind each one.

I hope that you like seeing my work-in-progress!



  1. Jacque, it's beautiful and embroideries take time. I love how it's coming together and the story behind the blocks! It will definitely be a treasure!

  2. I love these blocks. This is going to be a wonderful quilt.

  3. Interesting story and a gorgeous quilt.

  4. She is going to love it! I look forward to hearing about the meaning behind each of the stitcheries - Sew Pretty!!!

  5. This is so neat! Yes, tell us the stories, what a neat quilt this will be!

  6. I love your pretty blocks for your MIL. Windmill...tulips... Dutch? Maybe wooden shoes and cheese to look forward to? Happy stitching!
    Love from Holland!


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