Monday, August 15, 2011

Just doin' my job, ma'am.....

Hey, everybody!

Snoodles here, letting you know that we have a new sponsor! Padsworth and I are working hard

(pause dramatically, wipe brow with hankie) 

to bring you the best of the interwebz, with online stores that can fulfill your every quilting desire! We find great variety in fabrics, notions, patterns, and more.....

Do you recall when we had a lovely giveaway and the kind folks at Dewberry Lane provided us with a gift and a discount in their store? Yep, that's right....the store with the cute patterns, like this one:

and this one:

And these, too....

Now, I would not be fulfilling my responsibility if I didn't hasten to tell you that they have LOTS of other wonderful things in their store!! Their focus is notions - all the things that make our projects go much more smoothly.....

They have batting and backing and books and rotary cutters and seam rippers and seven different manufacturers' rulers and .... and.... I just gotta breathe!   

Bear with me for a moment. (Pant, pant...)

OK - I just got overwhelmed with all of the goodies that are waiting to go to new happy homes from the shelves at Dewberry Lane!!

Maybe I should just show you a few of the treasures there - but keep in mind, if I were to show them ALL to you....we would need more than just a cuppa joe on our desk; we'd need some serious sustenance to tide us over! They have twelve different sizes of rulers, and tape to highlight 'em, and a rack to put 'em in!! Here. Take a peek!
Anybody here working on a Dear Jane quilt? These will keep you happy-dancing!

Is one of these on your wish list? (It's on mine, for sure!) Tell your sweetie that it's in stock at Dewberry Lane!

This handy-dandy one from Omnigrid will help you square up blocks up to 9.5 inches! That's a workhorse of a ruler, let me tell you!

And this rack will keep them all within reach, but organized, so you can grab just the one you need for that late-night quilting session, when you tell yourself just-one-more-block-and-then-I'll-go-to-bed. Ever been there? I thought so!

Dewberry Lane has those super duper rotating cutting mats, too....

Sigh. I guess instead of telling you about all the gorgeous colors of thread, the cute and sassy license plate holders, and all the rest, I should just turn you loose to go check out the store!

So, head on over to Dewberry Lane, and shop your little hearts out!! But don't worry about your wallet....they have great prices there, too! You'll be happy with all of the excellent quality notions there, but you'll be even happier when you see you haven't emptied your wallet!

And one more thing - if you notice their cool button on our sidebar, you'll see that they have a drawing every month for a free pattern!! How do you enter? Well, I was getting ready to tell you that! Just sign up for their newsletter when you are visiting, and you will automatically be entered in the drawing!

Don't forget to tell them that Snoodles sent you!!



  1. Thanks for sending me over to Dewberry Lane - great shop!!!

  2. need to be careful. My FIL is an animal rights investigator. I may need to report you for overworking Padsworth!


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