Friday, November 30, 2012

Sneakin' a peek

Confidentially, this project was supposed to be finished before Thanksgiving. 

Uh-huh. Didn't happen. Well, we've all been there.  We had our Thanksgiving meal with a (gasp!) store-bought runner on the table. 


  Using these fabrics . . . 

. . . oh, by the way -- got any ideas what line this is?

I guess it'd be easier if I put the text print in the photo, too. (Wink)

Perfect for Thanksgiving, right?  Well, I got about this far:

(Giggle!) Are you drooling yet? It's our old friend, Deb Strain, and the line is called "Give Thanks."

I'll show you tomorrow what I created, and hopefully it will be completely finished! 



  1. What wonderful fabrics. All my favourite colours there!

  2. Ha ha...just be sure you have it finished by Thanksgiving of next year. The colors and prints are perfect for it.

  3. Those colors really speak to me! I just love them and look forward to seeing what you did with them.

  4. Whoa I love that line. Just and FYI the veterans quilts that you so graciously helped me by posting on your blog will be presented on Dec 21 at 10AM to the veterans at Birchwood Nursing home. I have been so blessed to do this project. Thank you so much for the help recruiting people.

  5. Deb strain's designs are so pretty.
    Waiting to see what you are up to....

  6. Really pretty fabric. And, I don't think of you as being late. I like to think that you are so organized that you'll have a new Fall Table topper for 2013 well ahead of everyone else and we'll be envious and inspired to make one too!


  7. LOL, I have so been there! By the time I finish my Christmas quilt, I will have spent 3 years working on it :)

  8. Beautiful fabric! Can't wait to see how your project comes out :)


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