Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's my favorite!

(And they didn't even ask me......they just knew!)

How did they do it?

I go by this museum fairly frequently, and they now have a quilt block displayed at the front entrance. Recently they hosted a speaker about the Quilt Trails in various areas of the country, and I guess this is a good start for getting this going in our neck of the woods!

But somehow the quilting goddesses knew, and the block that the staff chose for their gorgeous sign was my absolute fav . . . Blackford's Beauty!

Take a peek:

Isn't it pretty? That's a real day-brightener, for sure!

Stop back in tomorrow for our Giveaway! It's the Sew Mama Sew event that you've been waiting for!



  1. That is bright. I had to look up that block. It is a pretty block with lots of pieces!

  2. That block looks so pretty and it adds such a nice bit of color to the building =D

  3. I just noticed that last week and about screeched my car to a halt as I did a doubletake! Thank you for telling us what the name of the block is. Neat that it's your favorite.

  4. Almost makes me want to paint a big quilt block on the front of my house. I wonder what the home owners assosiation wouod say.

  5. Sorry about my spelling in the last post...itty bitty key board....teemy tiny screen....aging eyes. You get the picture.


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