Sunday, November 11, 2012

A detour . . .

I titled this post with the word "detour" because that is what has happened here in the past few days --- both to me (Snoodles) and to our doggie!

Some of you long-time followers (notice that I didn't say you were "old" followers; I don't want to get you upset with me!) may remember our rescue pup, Pepper. She has been with us for about thirteen years, and she has the gray muzzle to prove it.

This past week she was diagnosed with CHF, congestive heart failure, advanced stage. Our desire is to keep her comfortable here at home, and balance the needs of her heart with the restrictions of a kidney-challenged diet. She has had a happy life here, roaming the pastures and creeks, and we want this to be her resting place. 

More than once she slipped away into the deep woods to be alone, but we didn't have the courage to let her go, so we brought her back to nurse her and comfort her. She was headed for the rainbow bridge and we asked her to make a detour.  We're hoping for some positive improvement that will show us we made the correct choice. If we don't see it, we'll know it's time to let her sleep. (The doc says she is not in any pain, just tired.)

Anyway, it's been a detour for me, as well. Less time for sewing and quilting. I hope all of you will understand. I'll be back as soon as possible -- hopefully with good news.

Love to all of you, and to your furbabies,