Saturday, November 3, 2012

Get your bling out, dah-ling!

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Yep, dah-ling, get out your stiletto heels and all of your bling! The Golden Quilters Awards are coming in February!

Here's a little background on these awards:  Some years ago, SewCalGal was thinking about the Oscars, and how they (and other awards) are given out to those in the entertainment business -- but we didn't have anything like that in our world-wide quilting community! I'm sure that you will agree, this community is made up of many talented and special people, 

SewCalGal has done such a tremendous job with these festivities, that we are a little intimidated. But Padsworth and DragonDrop and I will do our best to uphold the grand traditions of the event! (Grin)  Speaking of grand traditions, you can see previous awards and sponsors at her blog, on the GQA page.

We'll be rolling out the red carpet in January and asking for nominations --- nominees will be announced on February 8th!

Then we'll have two weeks to vote! (February 8 - 22) 
After that, the judges will do their mysterious work . . .

Then our star-studded awards ceremony will be here at the Lilypad, on February 26th; our prize party will be a day or two after that.  That is, if we can put that together after all of the partying and celebrating . . .

We are going to have lots of prizes from some wonderful sponsors, and if you nominate and vote, you will be entered to win!  So be sure to check back here and be a part of the Nominating Committee, and then be sure to vote, as well.
Also, if you post our badge (when it's ready), or if you spread the word (Facebook, Twitter, or your blog) you will receive extra entries!

Keep watching here at the Lilypad for more details in the weeks ahead!



  1. I know one quilter I will be nominating for this award. I am sure I will think of others.

  2. What sort of things qualify a person for nomination?


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