Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Have I told you lately . . .

. . . how much I love my Accuquilt Go! Baby? (Wink) I bet you thought I was going to break out in song, didn't you?

I have had so much fun playing with my Go! Baby and dreaming up projects. Remember the Peppermint Popper tabletopper?

You can find the tutorial for that one right here at this link.

 This fab double pinwheel block was easy-peasy with my Accuquilt's help!

And here is the Roanoke Star tabletopper that I designed and created:

The tutorial for this Accuquilt project is here at this link.

Here is one of the holiday placemats that I put together, and below that is the bonus mugrug from the scraps of holiday fabrics:

All of those are shapes that I cut with my Go! Baby.
The reason that I'm making this trip down Lilypad memory lane is that Accuquilt is having a fabulous sales event -- I wanted to tell you about it, so you can take advantage of it!


The Accuquilt elves have cooked up some exciting Black Friday deals for us, and you can hop over there and check it out! All this week, leading up to Cyber Monday, you'll find super bargains and exciting new ideas there at the Accuquilt site. 

Shop there this week, and then you can scurry around at the malls and shops on Black Friday! (Grin) Me? I do my shopping from my mouse pad . . . Giggle!
Come on, DragonDrop, let's look for the perfect gift for Padsworth!
(He always wants to control the mouse . . . )




  1. Ha ha... if I do any black friday shopping it will be via mouse pad also.

  2. I love your little Christmas projects!!!!! I will be doing any and all Black Friday shopping from my mouse pad too =P We actually try not to leave the house to avoid any crazy shoppers =P

  3. The GO has certainly made a difference in a quilter's life. Your blocks look wonderful.

  4. Wonderful projects. I mostly applique with my go cutter...I am impressed with what all you are doing.

  5. Just love that Peppermint Popper table topper- I love red and white!


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