Monday, November 26, 2012

La grenouille has arrived . . .

Imagine that said in a Claude Raines, Casablanca kind of voice, with a nice French accent, OK? 

La grenouille. The frog. 
He has arrived. N' est pas? Oui, oui!  Looooook!

Is he not adorable? He has that certain savoir faire, no? Yes!  That's because he was created by a lady who oozes charm and talent without even trying . . . (Grin)  She used to live in France, so that's why I'm channeling my inner Leslie Caron and trying to sound French! 
Padsworth and DragonDrop are so pleased to meet him!

   I'm so happy to have him -- he will be my companion as I go to the stores and make change. What a sweet reminder of a kind lady and a wonderful bloggy friendship!

"La grenouille, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship . . ."