Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One more day to enter our Pets on Quilts show!

Hi everybody!

It's me, Padsworth, zooming in to tell you that there's just one more day left to enter our big, international linky party, with super spectacular prizes!  Just click HERE and go to enter the Pets on Quilts Show!

I got out my super hero costume and assumed my Super identity ---- I'm the Green Streak! Usually I am armed with my trusty seam ripper and ruler, and remind quilters everywhere to sew with a scant quarter inch seam . . . 

Today I'm sounding the horns and beating the drums --- link up today, cos at midnight, the linky party will close, and the voting will begin!

We'll publish the rules for voting, don't worry about that!

Enjoy the party!! 



  1. Ooh...the fun is about to begin!

  2. gah!!!! I need to enter one of my little furballs. Off to find a cute picture =D

  3. I cant wait to see what everyone does, even though I couldnt participate, I bet its gonna be cute

  4. Thanks for the reminder Padsworth. I finally got my picture posted. Hope you don't mind rodents on quilts. Although genetically the guinea pig is more closely related to the porcupine and hippopotamus than to the rat or mouse.
    Loving the cape!!

  5. Question: The linkies disappeared from showing up on the original blog post several days ago (for me). I wanted to visit contestants and couldn't. I'm new at how linkies work, so hope the post for my mother's entry didn't actually disappear. Am I doing something incorrectly?

  6. Me is so Excited!!! Me can't waits!

  7. What a cute photo of Padsworth. He is definitely my favorite superhero. I'm certainly having fun with the Pets on Quilts Show. So many beautiful entries with cute pets and inspirational quilts. Love it!

    Thanks for coordinating this fun event. Great job!



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