Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gratuitous duckling cuteness!

Hi again! Peep! Peep!

It's us, the ducklings! We heard that some of you liked seeing us, so we thought we'd bring you an update on our adventures . . .

Several times a day, Snoodes and her family let us out to "graze" and find tasty bugs and grass seeds:

This is a lot of fun, especially because we can run like lightning and make the humans run to keep up! We are also very brave, see?

Actually, the big doggie didn't make a move toward us!  They fixed up a bigger pool for us, and we have a ball in it, after running like mad around the yard:

But our absolute favoritest game is "How Many Ducklings Can Fit on a Mountain" and we play it on the rock inside our pen. We have had six on there before -- that's a record!

Well, we'd better close for now . . . we heard Snoodles say that she is going to post some quilt-y stuff as soon as she can. (She asked her family not to share the nasty ole virus with her, but they did it anyway. That's a bummer.) So she'll have something pretty for you to see, soon!


The Eight Muscovy Ducklings


  1. Too cute! Loving the little ducklings!

  2. Hello Ducklings. You're all very cute, but I do hope you are showing lots of respect to Snoodles and Padsworth?

  3. Love the continuing adventures, they are so cute. I hope your dog got a special treat for being so good.

  4. Awe, they're so cute!!!! and I love the picture with the dog. =) Have a great week!

  5. so cute...i once had a duckling named clancy

  6. These guys are pretty darned cute!

  7. It sounds as though you are occupying a lot of Snoodles time too. Your cuteness is keeping her from her sewing.

  8. Hey ducklings, tell Snoodles we all hope she feels better soon!

  9. What a pretty, cute little family...
    Thanks for visiting my blog and especially for leaving a comment. I know the world´s full of wonderful, exiting blogs showing a lot creative things and so I´m very thankful.
    Have agood time and until soon.
    Perhaps I´m going to see soon some needlebooks on your blog.
    Hugs from germany

  10. You are brave to take on a brood of ducklings!
    Feel better soon

  11. Such a sweet group! Many years ago a lovely little duck we called Sweetie with a damaged bill lived on my parents lake. She had trouble eating and all of the neighbors would put out extra food for her. She was always so thin so imagine our surprise when she disappeared for awhile only to turn up later with 13 babies! The amazing thing was how attantive she was. She would hustle them through the neighbors yards even allowing them to feed form our hands. She was tough! Every baby survived the dogs, snapping turtles and large bass! Even after she migrated she returned, with all 13 now grown ducks in tow!

  12. So cute! Amazing how brave they are with the dog.

  13. Would I be a bad quilter if I tell you they are so much cuter than a quilt? Love the updates... and love seeing how many followers you are at=))))


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