Friday, August 31, 2012

Random notes from this quirky quilter . . .

Just a couple of random notes here . . . 

Oh! Don't forget, if you haven't signed up for our TWO fat quarter bundle giveaway, click here and enter to win.....then come back here to catch up!

I wanted to link up with Barbara at Catpatches, who is having her August NEWFO linkie party.  What? You don't know what a NEWFO is? Well, I'll give you a hint -- it is something that many of us excel at. It's a new project that you have started! (Grin) I bet there are a lot of guilty looks out there, right? Well, shed the guilt and join the party!

Hop on over to Catpatches and link up -- show the world that you are a compulsive, er wacky, er super-creative person and you are not afraid to have several projects going at once! Me? I'm delightfully quirky, remember? (Wink)  I think right now my project count stands at five!

I'm linking up with a project that I can't even show you yet -- my Christmas wall-hanging! It started with this cute Jacquelynne Steves' panel, from her "Oh Holy Night" line, and morphed into a whole 'nother project!

Have no fear! One of my favorite nieces is allowing me to borrow a camera (did I tell you that she is one of my favorites? I have two nieces; I love them both to bits!) so I will soon be able to post photos! Yay!!! Padsworth is crossing his little flippered feet in hopes of the camera making a safe trip across the fruited plains...

On another note, I received this wonderful book from across the Atlantic....the lovely Kerry at Pennydog drew my name and I'm excited to read and yes, you guessed it -- add another project to my list! (Grin)  Kerry gave our final art quilt winner a run for her money with the gorgeous quilt she entered in the Pet Show featuring her two pups.
The book is called Carefree Quilts, by Joy Lily.

There are thirteen different projects in here, and I have my eye on these two:
A new tote:

and reversible place mats!

(Waving) Thank you, Kerry! If you haven't made acquaintance with Kerry yet, you should hop over there and see her . . . she has some uber-cute Iphone cases in her shop, and her blog is a fun stop on your world tour!

I'll be back soon! We'll choose our winners for the fabric bundles and announce on Labor Day!



  1. How long is your newfo list!? Hehe

  2. I don't have any NEWfos but I still have lots of UFOs. Ha! Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. I love this panel!!Ummmm. I will be checking out the newfo's. I have many things I want to do...

  4. I don't even want to think about my NEWFO list!!! Glad that you found a camera to use.

  5. Can't wait to see the real thing!

  6. I love the idea of the NEWFO! Very cute.


  7. That book looks wonderful. I am going to have to find it around here. And it sure will be easy to link up with Catpatches. I have lots of NEWFO's.

  8. Love that wonky flying geese pattern on that book!

  9. Thanks Snoodles, glad you like the book!

  10. Like the looks of that book! Is it available here?


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