Thursday, August 23, 2012

"It's Dead, Jim!"

Remember all the times "Bones" uttered those words? Well, that is what you would hear if a band of intrepid Trek crew members were to scan my desk for life signs right now.


What is dead? Bwaaaaaaaaah! It's my camera. If it were a cartoon instead of real life, my camera would be here lying on it's back, with its little feet up in the air, and big X's for eyes. 

I can't get it to do a thing. New batteries won't revive it. It already had issues where its upload cord went, so I just always took the card out and accessed the photos.

I would be happy to receive a camera to review and give my opinion on how well suited it is for quilting bloggers . . . our needs are varied, you know. We need to have cameras that will handle outdoor shoots, as well as indoor when the weather doesn't cooperate. We love to see sharp, clear pictures, especially at macro level --- ya know, I always show you my mistakes as well as my successes! 
I promise to even post tutorials on how to use said camera to make all of these quilt-y photo dreams come true . . . 
Any takers?  Canon, Nikon, Sony, are you listening? 
Rest in peace, my devoted friend.