Monday, August 13, 2012

Voting is closed now...we'll announce winners soon!

Snoodles and I are going to be working hard to fill out our spreadsheet, check followers and badges, and make sure that everyone is in the drawing as they should be! 

We'll tally the votes for viewers' choice prizes, and then we'll let Mr. Random choose the rest of the lucky winners!
I kinda thought we should get Moses to help, too. More toes to count on....but he is busy holding down Snoodles' sewing chair, so it doesn't fly away. (Wink)

Stay tuned and maybe your name will be on the list!

See ya soon!



  1. Padsworth, make sure you get a break. Your little legs look very tired.
    Hope that it all works out easily. It has been lots of fun.

  2. Your event was spectacular... however, I had friends and family who had great difficulty with the voting process, most were blogger illiterate - had no idea how to vote :-(
    I tried my best to give step-by-step instructions but they reported in the end that it was too confusing. Oh well, it was really a thrill for me to participate. Thanks for hosting and please give Padworth a little tickle under his chin for all his hard work! hehe

  3. Can't wait to see who the lucky winners are! There were so many great pictures!! Fun hop! Thanks to you and Padsworth for doing this and to all the participants! :-)

  4. Good thing you have all that help.

  5. Thank you for hosting such a hugely popular event - and so many entries!! Good luck with the counting Padsworth.

  6. It will be fun to see who the winners are. I don't expect to have "scored" with my quilt, but it was fun none the less. thanks for hosting this event.

  7. Thanks for hosting this great event!

  8. What a fun time I had hopping through all the links. Thanks for hosting! Looking forward to next year already.

  9. Thanks for hosting this event and making it so much fun. This was my first time to participate and I can't wait until next year. It would nice to win one of the great prizes...but truly I entered this contest to motivate myself into writing a post for my blog - I do love to write about our furry 'fam' - and I so enjoyed getting to visit all the rest of the entries...Thanks again Snoodles for a Job Well Done.

  10. Wowwie Zowwie, did mes ever has fun! But my entry with my votes, got bounced back because me typed your email address wrong! OH WELL! Me had a whole bunch of fun visiting all the other quilts and seeing all the other fabulisious cats!
    Me will be back next year!

  11. Thank you for the fun hop, I enjoyed seeing all of the adorable pets.

  12. Thank you for this great event (for me and my cat moses!).
    I really enjoyed it!!!
    Hugs from germany

  13. Ah dang! I wanted to vote but every time I have sat at the computer lately I have been to nauseous to spend a lot of time looking :( Can't wait to see who won!

  14. I had a blast with your show! Thanks for all your efforts to make this fun for everyone!


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