Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's Time To Vote! Pets on Quilts 2012

 UPDATE: VOTING IS CLOSED NOW......THANK YOU for your interest!

Hi everybody!


Woof wooof!

Bubble, bubble!

It's Padsworth here, and I'm trying out my fluency in all of the different languages of the Pet Show!

Hasn't this been fun? Snoodles and I have had a blast! We've had such a great response to our show (in fact, I think this is the biggest Pet Show ever!), and there have been oodles of cute and funny entries, and lots of gorgeous quilts, too!

Snoodles and I have especially enjoyed the stories of rescued pups and kittens, who found wonderful forever homes . . . that's how our pets arrived here, too, so those stories have a special place in our hearts!

That brings us to the subject of this post --- it's time to vote for the Viewers' Choice Awards! Here's how you can do that:
You'll leave a comment on this post, and give your choices for all five categories in that one comment --- like this:

Dog on quilt or dog theme quilt: # 535
Cat on quilt or cat themed quilt: # 617
Other pet on quilt or other pet themed quilt: #808
Best EQ pet theme quilt design: #299
Best Art quilt: #422

Now, you don't have to type out all of those words . . . just so I, Padsworth, can tell what category you mean, we'll be just fine.

I know, I know, there are some wonderful prizes up for grabs --- our awesome sponsors made sure of that! (Waving) Thank you, sponsors!

Now, there are going to be random prizes, too --- after all, we have more than five prizes to award! That is where being a PR Angel comes in, and putting our badge on your blog a while back, and posting about the show before it happened! Those are wonderful things to do, to help out the show, and we appreciate that. So, for each of those things you did, you will get an entry into the random drawing. (We'll go back and check the comments you left earlier, that tell us that.)

You will get an entry just for submitting a vote, too, so if folks come and vote for your furbaby, they might win!
You will also get an entry if you have visited each of our show contestants and left them some comment love. If you have done that, leave a comment here to tell me that you did.

OK, now, let's recap: Snoodles and I are going to keep track of all you special peeps and here are the ways your name will find its way into the "pot" to be drawn for prizes:
       1. You entered the show
       2. You follow here
       3. You posted the show badge
       4. You blogged about the show
       5. You voted
       6. You visited all of the show contestants

(Again, we already have the comments for the first it's time to leave your comments for #5 and #6 up there!)

So, if you do all of those things, you will have more chances to win! Hoppy Froggies! 
You are welcome to post and ask followers of your blog to vote for your special furbaby -- in fact, we encourage you to do that!

We'll leave the voting open until midnight, Sunday night (August 12th) and then we'll start our job of putting the comments and chances into the pot and letting Mr. Random do his thing!

We'll try to announce our winners by the 14th or 15th at the latest....I know you will be awaiting the news breathlessly, so I will try to hurry Snoodles along --- I don't want you to expire! (Wink)

Leave your comments on this post, alright? And if you need to re-visit the show to make sure of your votes, just click here!