Sunday, August 19, 2012

Taken over by . . . ducklings!

A few random notes for today . . . one of our Pet Show winners has graciously passed along her prize to another --- seems she is a cat lover and a sweet person, but not doing much quilting. So, we had another drawing and Colleen of Lucky Duck Dreams is the winner of a sampler pack of Heat Press Batting Together! Yay! Congratulations! Your prize will be on its way soon!

I also had a sticky note here to let you know about my progress on of my current Christm --- Peep! Peep!


Peep, peep, peep!!

We are the ducklings that Snoodles and her family rescued!! Aren't we cute?

Our mom had fourteen of us. Yup. Fourteen. We heard Snoodles say that she thought our mom was amazing. We think so, too, but we can't find her now. She hatched us out about four days ago, and they said we looked adorable following mom down to the lake .... but this morning she wasn't here. Sniff. Six of our bruvvers and sisters were missing, too. Peep!

We don't know what happened, and I heard Snoodles and her family talking about it, and they are not sure, either. It could have been a coyote or turtles or snakey, but there's no clues to be found. Just the eight of us, peeping our heads off, trying to get mom to come back.

They watched over us all day, to make sure none of the big bad snapping turtles eated us. Then they said they just couldn't stand it if something happened to us, so they picked us up very gently and put us in a big box. We peeped a lot. Pooped a lot, too, but hey, we were nervous!

They brought us home to their screened porch and fixed a pen for us, with newspapers in the bottom. But before they put us in there, they brought us a wonderfully big washtub and let us swim around and get clean. We did mention there was a fair amount of poop in the box, right?

Anyway, we have a nice clean home, and they say we will stay here for a few days, while they make us a pen at the lake. We heard them planning it, and they are going to try to keep snakeys and turtles out until we are big enough to fend for ourselves. We like the sounds of that.

OK, we'll turn the blog back over to Snoodles and that froggie, now. Bye! Peep! Peep!

Ahem. You see what happens when you allow animals a little leeway? They walk all over ya! We'll be back soon and show you some quilt-y progress!



  1. We had ducklings a few years back, had to feed them as they couldn't find sufficient food without their mum (chick mash was recommended from memory). They poo once every 13 minutes, with only 2 our yard was a right mess after they grew up; ours were meat birds rather than wild though so couldn't fly away. They had a paddling pool to keep clean.

  2. Congrats to Colleen - and a thank you to the person who didn't take a prize they didn't really need or want.

  3. It was nice for the person to honestly give up a prize they would not use and congrats to Colleen. Oh, your hands will be full with ducklings!

  4. You are a wonderful soul Snoodles! Padsworth must be so excited to have new playmates :)

  5. That is awesome! My family rescued a duckling 20 years ago, and the next year she flew back to have all of her ducklings,and those ducklings returned in the spring too. Every summer since then we've had a crowd of mallards hanging out near our dock!

  6. You are some very lucky duckies. Hope you soon grow big and can venture out on your own.

  7. Oh you have been crazy busy! Keep us posted!

  8. I'm so glad you're there to help the ducks, I have a feeling if you hadn't stepped in they would have slowly disappeared. Thanks for what you're doing.

  9. Thank you for rescuing all of those little cuties!!!!!!!!!! HUGS!!!!!! Please keep us posted on how they are doing =D

  10. you quack me up, giggle. love the photos. xo


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