Friday, June 28, 2013

New tools!

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Y'all might remember my post about needing a new rotary cutter and mat combo.....I solicited suggestions from you special Lilypadquilting peeps, and I want to thank you!!

(Throwing flowers)

You are the greatest!

You gave great comments and tips for choosing my new tools. 

So, I want to show you my new toys!

This is my new cutting mat. I decided to go with an Olfa self-healing mat. I really like the green color, and the back can be used, too -- effectively doubling the life of my mat. I like the markings on this one, as well.

My new Omnigrip ruler:

It is a 6 x 24 inch ruler, and it really lives up to its name -- it does NOT slip on top of the fabrics!

Here is my pride and joy:

My new Martelli rotary cutter. I was intrigued by the comments that spoke of this cutter, and the videos won me over . . . it really IS easier on my hands and fingers.

Pay no attention to that ancient looking hand there -- the rest of me looks like a super-model.


Uh huh.

Back to my story. This cutter is awesome. I have been having more trouble with arthritis lately, and this is making my prep work go much more easily. You may want to consider it if you are looking for a new cutter -- you might find it helpful, too!
They're telling the truth about it on those videos . . .it truly is much easier to grasp and to naturally exert the pressure needed to smoothly cut many layers of fabric all at once!

It has helped me make quick work of these half square triangles (building blocks for my next Swoon block).

Hope to show you more quilting fun soon!