Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Well dressed

One of Snoodles' dear friends is SewCalGal . . . many of you follow her blog, where she shares insights on tools and tips that help quilters, embroiderers, and sewists. She shows us everything from free motion quilting designs to uber-cool software, from books to awesome tools. Her "12 Pocket Bag" is one that I really want to try!

A while back, she hosted a giveaway of some lovely fabrics and a pattern she provided, for "vests" for wine bottles -- seriously, these are neat additions to a gift you are giving, and can be tailored to the recipient, or to the occasion!  (Hey, I can see these in "black tie" for a special anniversary, or in red or blue velvet for Christmas or Hanukkah....)

Here's how mine looks, now that I finished it up:

(Had to borrow our shapely model there, but we go all out here at the Lilypad to show you neat things!)

Pop over to SewCalGal's and spend some time perusing her wonderful blog . . . I promise you will find a lot of interesting things to inspire you to add to your project list!

(I'm such an enabler. . . you really need more on your to-do list, right?)