Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review and Sponsored Giveaway!

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Hi, Snoodles here, and let me tell you, I never know what might be happening here at the Lilypad on some mornings when I stumble in with my cuppa. (Grin)

There are some mornings that I find the crew surfing the web. Recently they've been perusing the inventory at FabricsNQuilts, and inspiring me to design new projects!

But this is what I saw yesterday morning over the rim of my cup of the Elixir of Life:

What are the boyz up to?

Ahhh, I know, they've opened that tantalizing box that arrived from the Buckaloo View Etsy shop!
What fun! Let's see what the boyz found . . .

(A quick side note here -- as a self-employed person myself, I want to encourage and purchase from Etsy shops and other individuals. I know that many of you Lilypad peeps have shops and businesses of your own, and we here at the Lilypad salute you!)

Buckaloo View Woodshop is an Etsy store that I discovered by reading one of my favorite blogs: Liesl Made. (Her blog is full of lovely photos, pressed flower journaling, and more.) The shop is her dad's outlet for his finely crafted products.

What you see DragonDrop inspecting below is a wonderful item -- toast tongs! Lovingly made and ready to save my fingers from burning when I want to grab my toast out of the toaster, and slather on the butter! OK, fine, if you are my doctor and you're reading my blog, I really am slathering on the lowfat stuff you told me to use. (Wink) Yeah, right!

DragonDrop is a connoisseur of wood (after all, he does breathe fire sometimes when he is angry, and he singes the occasional tree or two...) and he heartily approves of this lovely cherry wood.

It's wiped with a food-safe oil to preserve and beautify the wood.

DragonDrop! Quit pretending you are a knight, and put that lance, er, tongs down!

There are walnut and cherry tongs available in the shop, and they each have a rare earth magnet embedded in the back, so that you can store your tongs conveniently. They'll be handy for retrieving your bagel or bread slice without burning your wee digits and interrupting your morning peacefulness! They'll work just as great for grasping your breakfast from the toaster-oven.

I like that beveled edge so that I can grab my English muffin without tearing it! Sweet!

Now let's see what Padsworth is checking out . . .

Oooh, pretty! A bobbin holder -- and what a holder! I love this!

Edgar crafts these from oak, and uses hardwood dowels . . . these are ready for the long haul. They are sturdy and will last for years! (Love the grain in that wood; it's just gorgeous!)

They are versatile, too. They are made so that you can sit them on your sewing table, or you can hang them on the wall, using the smoothly finished hole you see there.
The bobbin holders are wiped with a fine Danish oil to protect and preserve them. I wish you could feel this finish! Unfortunately, we don't have that option on blogger yet!

The dowels are tall enough to stack two bobbins on, so this holder will store thirty bobbins, ready for your inspired sewing.

And DragonDrop is such a darling, he showed me that my favorite Aurifil threads can sit on my holder, too, since the dowels are so nice and tall!

(That close up is for you, Mhairi!)
Oh! And the boyz wanted me to be sure to show you these:

These might just be the niftiest part of this holder - sheer inspiration when these were added . . .
Little "feet" that keep it from scooting around (or off) your sewing table! I especially love this, as my old bobbin holder kept walking off my table! (Grin)


Buckaloo View has other wonderful things for you to drool over . . .
There are also larger bobbin holders -- how about one that holds sixty-six bobbins? Take a peek!

Buckaloo View offers gorgeous ruler organizers made with the same care and attention to detail that you see in that bobbin holder. These are lovely wood items that will make your sewing space more beautiful.

These oak ruler holders will keep your collection of quilting rulers neatly organized, visible, and within reach. The slots are wide enough to accommodate most acrylic rulers and templates. 

The slots run either lengthwise or across the board (your choice). The boards are finished with a light Danish oil. They measure approx 6" x 10" in size, and they have those neat, no-slippy feet that you saw on my bobbin holder!

Because each piece is handmade the wood grain pattern or color may vary slightly. 


I hope that many of you will consider purchasing a bobbin holder or ruler organizer from the shop . . . I am confident that you will be thrilled with the quality and the craftsmanship that you see in these items. I have shopped for these before, and the Buckaloo hand-crafted items are head and shoulders above what I have seen in the stores -- and the prices are quite attractive, too!

Now, here is the question: would any of you Lilypadquilters like to win a hand-crafted ruler organizer from Buckaloo View?  Padsworth and DragonDrop are going to put in a sample pack of Aurifil thread for the winner, too!

I know, I know, I see lots of you jumping up and down and waving......hold on to your keyboards now, and I will tell you how to enter the giveaway! (You don't HAVE to do them all, but you can if you want to!) The first one is a must-do-to-win.....

1. Hop over to Buckaloo View Fine Woodshop on Etsy and look around; come back and tell me this -- what other items did you see in Edgar's shop? 
2. If you are a member of the Etsy community, add Buckaloo View to your favorites, and tell me in a comment.
3. "Like" Buckaloo View's Facebook page, and tell me you did.
4. Spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, or your blog for another entry!
5. Because we love our followers, if you follow at Lilypadquilting, you may have one more entry!

We'll leave this giveaway open for a full week (till July 2), and announce our winner shortly thereafter! Let the commenting begin! (Please be aware that I may not be able to answer every comment on a giveaway, but read them and I love you all!)