Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Raspberry Rabbits are sponsoring!

We're excited to announce another sponsor for the Pets On Quilts Show for 2013!

It's the Raspberry Rabbits crew!

If you have not yet visited their store, or spent some time enjoying the blog, you are in for a treat when you click on those links!

Hannah and Harrington are adorable, and they keep their mom, Michelle, hopping as they enjoy happy adventures and cook up things for everybunny to chuckle at!

There are such wonderful things in their store . . . Valdani floss . . .

 (Image courtesy of the Raspberry Rabbits store)

And scrumptious felts . . .

(Image courtesy of the Raspberry Rabbits store)

And wonderful kits for projects -- I didn't want to nab those pictures because they are copyrighted, and besides, I want you to hop over there and see them for yourself! You just may be inspired to try one of Michelle's awesome designs! (She even designed the "Carrot Run" block in the Quiltmaker's Magazine 100 Blocks, Volume 7!!)

We were so grateful that Michelle and her cuddly employees sponsored prizes in the 2012 show, and we are falling-off-the-lilypad-excited to show you what they are offering to a lucky winner for 2013!

This adorable pair of bunny scissors, and a $20 gift certificate to spend in the Raspberry Rabbits online store!
Woot!  Thank you so much, Michelle, Harrington, and Hannah! We love you!

Better warm up those cameras and see if your pet will pose for you! The show is coming soon!



  1. Michelle is awesome and does such fun projects!!!

  2. Ohhhhh! I can't wait for the Parade!!

  3. Shell is very talented and her participation in your Pets on Parade is awesome.

  4. :) Pets and quilts...Perfect Combination! :)


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