Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Buckaloo View winner!

We're announcing our Buckaloo View winner today!

Our winner will receive this beautifully crafted and finished rack for organizing the rulers in their quilting space! Also, Padsworth and DragonDrop wanted to add an Aurifil thread pack to the loot, so our winner will get one of these sample packs of thread, as well!

First, I'd like to thank Edgar and Liesl, for their generous prize for the giveaway -- the hand-crafted items at the Buckaloo View shop are so gorgeous, and so reasonably priced . . . 

. . . I sure hope that some of you Lilypadquilting peeps will hop on over there and order from the shop!  
I've been so pleased with my bobbin holder, and I know of another quilter who has special ordered an item that will be perfect for her sewing space!

Many of you noted that the toaster tongs would be invaluable to you -- after all, it's hard to sew and quilt if your fingers are singed from grabbing your treats from the toaster! (Grin) 

So, hop over there and get your very own set of toaster tongs, complete with magnet for convenient storage!

Now, we put Mr. Random to work choosing our winner, and he chose:

Yay! The ruler rack and the Aurifil thread will be going to Katie, who blogs over at Katie's Salt Marsh Path and would love to have you enter her giveaway, which is going on right now! See, aren't you glad you were still reading this? (Wink)

Katie told us:

We appreciate our followers and the folks who help to spread the word about the fun things happening over here at the Lilypad!

Congratulations to Katie, and a big thank you to Buckaloo View Woodshop!



  1. Congratulations to Katie! What a beautiful addition to her quilting space.

  2. Whoo hoo! Congrats to Katie! I ordered a very similar item from them to hang on my sewing room wall (my horizontal space is at a PREMIUM in that room! heehee!) They were so responsive and VERY fast and extremely communicative through the whole process, and the price was very reasonable too! I am so glad you posted about them, Snoodles!!

  3. Congratulations to the winner!



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