Saturday, June 22, 2013

FabricsNQuilts - Our newest Show sponsor!

Padsworth, here, and I'm so hoppy (couldn't resist saying that) to announce our newest sponsor for the Pets on Quilts Show!

It's the fabulous Fabrics N Quilts online store! Ribbit!

DragonDrop and I are both loving what we see at this great quilting store!
And by the way, this is the best of both worlds -- a physical store you can shop in AND an online store!

So, if your travels take you through Tennessee, you need to stop in and say, "Howdy!" to Shannon! And you should add her to your list of great places to shop, online!

She has lots of gorgeous fabrics to show you, and she also carries kits and notions of ALL kinds!

I love the Snap Sack kits she has --  bags with everything you need to make the project! Woot!

She's sponsoring a fabric prize for our Pet Show in August . . .wanna see? Aww, you know you do!

This adorable bundle will go to a lucky winner of the prize drawings! It's half yard cuts of those cute fabrics . . . I can hear the gears turning as some of you are thinking of what you can make with those! (Grin)

Ribbit! Welcome, FabricsNQuilts! We're thrilled to have you on board! 



  1. Thanks to FabricsNQuilts for being a sponsor!

  2. You are awesome! We are so excited to see all the fun this summer!
    We've linked up the show on our blog!

    Now, get hoppin' & get some good pics with your pets!

  3. Oh how I adore cute little kitties! The wheels be a turnin!


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