Sunday, June 23, 2013

Oh nooooooooooooo!

For all of you that had images of a tiny, brightly colored figure named Mr. Bill in your minds as you read that, consider yourself "tagged." You are officially an oldster, like me. (Grin)
But that's what I find myself saying, as I read the news that Google is following through on their threatened, er promised changes . . .

Google Reader will be going away in a few days... For all of you who follow me through Google Reader, please consider clicking the button on the right of this page that allows you to follow me through Bloglovin --- then you can receive my posts as soon as I write them!

Hope you will do that . . . we have a lot of fun things planned here at the Lilypad!



  1. I am hoping I won't lose the ability to read blogs from my blogger dashboard, but I am following you on Bloglovin' too.
    (I remember Mr Bill and Mr Hands....yep I am old)

  2. I'm with Gene - I don't like bloglovin' because it uses Facebook accounts (which I refuse to use) and the others are confusing and lacking (and have third party agents by the way). I have my list of blogs I like to keep a read of - so if I lose my dashboard list/read - I can still catch ya all.

  3. I have you added in Feedly =D I'm loving it so far!!

  4. I'm already following on Bloglovin' Hey Mr. Bill!

  5. I mostly use my blogger dashboard. I guess we'll see if that is affected. I have you with bloglovin too just in case. :)

  6. It seems I am following you on bloglovin, anyway!As well as through my dashboard. So, you have been 'got' either way!

  7. I have transferred to Feedly for my reader. I do not like it as much as Google, but it will do!



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