Friday, February 24, 2012

Want to See Something Amazing?

Awww, you know you do!

I want you to click on this link, and go to Ole Frog Eyes gallery to see my sister's Civil War block of the month quilt . . . You are going to be so glad that you did!

It is absolutely gorgeous!

Leave her some comment love here at the Lilypad, or over at her blog.  Or if you are an Ole Frog Eyes member, you can comment below her quilt!

Don't forget to enter our delicious giveaway, here at this link, OK? It's a hum-dinger!



  1. Beautiful Civil War blocks! Talented family, apparently :-)

  2. As Anne would say "whoa buckets man!" (she is trying to say Holy Buckets Batman!") - that is stunning!

  3. Very cool indeed! I'm so impressed she kept up with it...great job!

  4. So pretty. I loves civil war blocks now.

  5. The blocks are amazing! Please pass along these comments...she is a very talented lady, just like her sister! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Holy Moly - 56 blocks! I had to count there were so many and I think all different. Wonderful!

  7. It is beautiful!!!!
    Now if Seth would get past block 3.


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