Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Celebrating with a Giveaway! (Giveaway closed now, but thanks for stopping by!)

I'm so grateful that we have over 600 followers now, that are peeping out from the right-hand sidebar, and we have others that follow through our RSS feed, too!  You guys and gals are the best!

Today we offer a wonderful prize package for you! We have several kind sponsors who have helped us out with the goodies, so let me show you all the great stuff the lucky winner will receive:

Quite a haul, isn't it? Here's a list of the items, with some photos and descriptions . . .

You can see that there's a copy of Interweave's Stitch magazine, full of projects AND patterns. It's an awesome resource for quilters and crafters.

There's a sample package of Sulky thread. This was in a prize pack that I won from McCall's Quilting, and I'm paying it forward, passing it on to one of you special peeps:

Now let's look at some of the other prizes . . .

This gorgeous Floral Fancies panel is sponsored by Kelly, at IHAN. Want to know all about the latest tools of the trade? Want to order them at really great prices? Would you like to experience awesome customer service and orders carefully packed by obsessive compulsive elves? (Wink) You can get all of the above from the IHAN online store.  I hope you will take some time to look at the many things she has in the shop; I know you'll have fun looking around.  Just click on that link and check it out!
Oh, and here's another prize sponsored by Kelly; the Mighty Bright -- fasten your peepers on this:

Kelly has some of the neatest options for lighting your work, in her store. These little guys are absolutely awesome - take my word for it, cos I ordered a set for me! You can clip them almost anywhere; my favorite way to use them is when I'm hand-stitching on a quilt or a stitchery, and I don't want to disturb anyone around me. (You know, like when you turn on the lamp and it casts a glare on the television, or gets in someone's eyes . . .)  The LED light in it is very bright, but only shines in the direction that I choose, so it is very discreet. There are two in the package, and I am in love with mine!
Kelly is a doll to sponsor the lights and the panel --- I appreciate it, my friend!

Next up at bat is Colonial Needle --- the prizes they sponsored are actually inside that patchwork pouch in the picture, but we'll show you pictures, anyway.  (The pouch is handmade by moi, by the way!)
Colonial Needle is a company that I discovered after I won a prize in Madame Samm's Wantobe campaign. I'd love to tell you about them, because I have personal experience with their products.

Have you ever reached into your sewing bag or tote, and when you pull out your hand, you've been scratched by one of your needles? I used to just stick my needle through the lining of my tote, and I was always getting poked or scratched!

I don't any more! Enter the John James "Pebble" from Colonial Needle! These sweet little pebbles keep your needles enclosed, and safely away from your hands until you pop open the top!
Here is what the web site says about the Pebbles:
Fine Quality Needles in a "Pebble" -The John James Pebbles are designed to store your hand needles safely, making them instantly visible and easily accessible in your sewing box, craft bag, top drawer or even your handbag. Each needle style comes in its own elegant and distinctive color for quick identification.
Personally, I have found that these are the absolute best needles I have had the good fortune to use! Seriously. I would love for all of you to try them, but obviously I can't give all of you one of the Pebbles! I would encourage you to check out the Colonial site and see them, and get a Pebble for yourself --- each color of Pebble is a different type of needles: embroidery, chenille, beading, quilting, and more!

Now, there is a Pebble in the pouch, and there are also some extra goodies tucked in, that Colonial Needle graciously supplied . . .
That pouch is just packed full of excitement, and I would like to thank the folks at Colonial Needle for their generosity in helping with this giveaway!  I hope you'll take a moment and go check out their site, too! They have gorgeous sewing baskets, cool, high-quality tools to go in them, and lots more for your quilting and sewing delight!  Spend some time shopping there, and tell them Snoodles sent you, OK?

Now, would you like to see some of those fabrics, up close and personal? Do you have a hankie ready? I guarantee these are drool-worthy, so be prepared!

First we have two fat quarters from the Scribble line, from Timeless Treasures. Pretty, huh?

Also in the package are these two beauties . . . I couldn't find a selvage id on the polka dot, but there is a full yard of it! The one on top is a half yard cut of Flora Lane, by Laura Berringer. Scrumptious!

How about a stack of TWELVE fat quarters? Lots of variety here, to build your stash, and all of these are quilt shop quality, too.

This is in there, too --- though I have to apologize for the blurry picture. I'm not positive, but I think these two fat quarters are from the Sausilito line.  They're pretty, anyway!

This lovely bundle is four fat quarters of What's Cookin by Loralie, for Quilting Treasures.  Super cute prints with chefs, pots and pans, utensils and polka dots!

Here are two sweet fat quarters from Blank Quilting --- I was afraid to look for a name on the selvage, for fear I wouldn't get them back into that pretty ribbon! (Grin)

Last, but not least, a gorgeous piece of Katagami by Red Rooster, and a quilt pattern to go with the full yard of fabric.

At this point, you need to wipe up your keyboard and the desk/countertop/your lap, and enter to win all of these awesome prizes! Here is how you do it!!

It's going to be easy this time . . .

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