Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There's a Frog in my Sewing Room!

Still working with my apples!

I'm making pinwheels today. I whipped out two of these puppies last night before I fell into bed, and I hope to get some more done after work today . . .

You can tell it was late, because my lighting is pretty bad. But you can see the apples!

Oh, and there really is a frog in my sewing room. You've heard me mention Padsworth, right? Well, Elby and I wanted to come up with a video featuring Padsworth, and didn't really find a froggie that was "just right." (Yes, really, and truly, a video . . . we're going to make him a movie star one day!)

So, we created a plushie. That was difficult, er nerve-wracking, er fun. (All those tiny little seams!) And now he shows up in my sewing area frolicing and making me laugh. I hope you like him --- he's really kinda cute, I think. (Please say nice things about him, if you comment. I have caught him looking over my shoulder sometimes when I'm at the computer. I don't want him to feel sad.)

Today he was offering to pass me pins for my piecing . . .

So, say hello to Padsworth, and have a happy day of sewing!



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