Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quilt Kit Market - A Review

Hi there, Lilypadquilters!
Just a quick note....I'm linking up this post because there's a completed project at the end.... linking with Sunni, here:

Now, I'm going to ask you a question, and I want an honest answer, OK?

How many of you have been puzzled with choosing just the right colors and prints and patterns of fabrics, for one particular quilt pattern you wanted to make?  Just a quick show of hands . . .

. . . uh huh.  And how long have the rest of you had this problem with telling the truth?  (Wink)

Seriously, though, sometimes the "right" fabrics just are not in your stash. You struggle and dig through the fat quarters and can't find what you need.

Or, worse, you find exactly what you need, but there is not enough for the purpose . . . just some scraps from another project!

AAAUUUGGGGHHHHH!!  It's OK. (Pat. Pat. Pat.) We've all been there at some point and time. Really.

Well, cheer up! I have just the resource for you! See that cute logo on the left sidebar, with a cart, and an umbrella over it? Yay! That's the Quilt Kit Market, and you are going to love them!

Michele and her team are a new sponsor here at the Lilypad, and she graciously sent a kit for me to try out, and review. The kit that she sent is actually Quilt Kit Market's first venture into publishing their own exclusive patterns, and I think they are onto something --- it's a great one! It is quick and easy, and the instructions and diagrams are very clear.

The kit arrived FAST, and with a flourish --- kinda makes you feel special, like you are having a celebration that you didn't even realize was coming. See?

Pull back the pretty tissue paper and . . .

Just look at this!

Isn't that tulle bag cute?
Now, speaking of cute, just look at what was in that bag. Oh, be still my heart. Somebody hold me down, I think I'm on my way heavenward . . .

So Sophie, in all it's yummy glory!

Also in the bag is a zippy bag, with a picture of the finished quiltie, and all the instructions. On the picture, there's a reminder that you will be following the instructions for (in my case) a full size quilt, and inside, plenteous diagrams for us visual learners (that's me!).

I appreciate the fact that the pattern suggests a technique called "cluster piecing" which the instructions said would yield sections that would require less squaring up --- and the instructions were right! I had very little squaring up to do. I kept track of my time, and the flimsy was completed in "no time flat" (that's a quote from back when I used to tell my mom how long it would take me to get home from a party). Just a smidge over two hours --- including the time it took to cut the fat quarters and the borders! Yay!

Now, I'm going to keep you in suspense on the flimsy for now, and tell you about their bodacious web site. Quilt Kit Market is an extremely user-friendly site. It's set up in a very logical manner, and it is very easy to navigate around and find what you want.
Their mission is to provide what you need, in order to get to the fun part quicker -- sewing up your quilt! Most of their kits have carefully selected Moda fabrics, so that you know you are getting top quality materials for your special project.

Once your quilt top is complete, they have backing fabrics by the yard, and coordinating fabrics if you have spin off projects, like pillows to accompany a quilt, etc.  Quilt Kit Market will also provide their patterns individually, so if you have fabrics that you have already chosen, you can utilize one of their great patterns with your stash.
They also have small projects like wallhangings and tablerunners, so if you are looking for a quick gift for someone, Quilt Kit Market is an awesome resource for you!
They also offer precuts -- jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm packs and .... and.... wow, look at those sale prices!
Their remnant section is a great place to pick up some fabrics that you've been looking for, and perhaps can't locate anywhere else!

Now, I promised to show you the quilt top . . . Voila!

Hmmm, that shot inside just doesn't do the pretty colors justice. Let's try this:

Gack! Love the sunshine, but the wind is not cooperating! Let's try one more idea . . .

There we go! Whatcha think? I love it, and I love the fact that it was so quick and easy, and I didn't spend hours searching and choosing fabrics! Fun!

Be sure to come back in the next day or so . . . we have a fun interview with Michele from the Quilt Kit Market, and she mentioned something about a giveaway! Just sayin' . . .


PS Our "over 600 followers" giveaway is coming soon, too!


  1. This Sophia line is just sweet - I have some yet to be played with, but fun to touch! Wonderful idea to kit up because there are many who have that problem with color/prints.

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous!!!!!! It's so very sweet and girly!!

  3. That is just beautiful! I am heading over to the site!

  4. I love the hanging over the tree shot the best gratz on the growing user base.


  5. That is so fresh and girly and sweet! I love it!! I look forward to checking out their site - start to finish in a few hours for things like baby quilts or beautiful quilts like that for gifts - will leave me more time for slogging through my Farmer's Wife and my Sylvia's Bridal!!

    Thing I

  6. Well how nifty is that!? Nice looking flimsy too :)

  7. So pretty...love the fabrics and easy pattern!!! Thanks for the link..can't wait to check out their site!

  8. Thanks for this information. I will have to check it out.


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