Friday, February 10, 2012

Shameless Self Promotion . . .

Can I ask for your vote? Oh, silly me, of course I can ask, but will you vote for me? As Shakespeare would say, "That is the question!"

Starting today, over at the Quilting Gallery, this weekend's contest is for commemorative quilts. Do you remember the one that I made for my mom-in-law? Lots of thirties fabrics, stitcheries, applique and patchwork.

The embroidered blocks showed favorite toys from her childhood, snippets of songs that her dad and mom sang to her (and one song that she sang to torment her little brother), even the nickname she had when she was little.

The binding is scrappy - leftovers from the thirties prints that I used.

The back and the border are that thirties "bubblegum" pink. Here is the whole quilt:

I've made up my mind that if I win, the prize will be added to my 600 follower giveaway package - so please go and vote! If you have not yet read the posts that tell the stories of each block, you can read about each of them on the Tutorials and Reviews page of Lilypadquilting!  And as always, thank you for being my bloggie friends, here at the Lilypad! Big hugs!



  1. Done! and it's looking good so far........ :-)

  2. Um...I have no idea where to go to vote? I don't see anything if you want to help me, I'd love to vote, because that quilt is gorgeous! =) Thanks!

  3. I found it and voted, but you should really have a link in the post!

  4. After Gene's comment, I went back to look around again...and found it too!
    Here's a link for anyone else who is having difficulty...

  5. I really do like your quilt and I voted for it.

  6. I love this quilt, and I will go vote for it right now.

  7. Great quilt...just voted for you...good luck!!

  8. you're right up there! go for it!
    good luck, great quilt!

  9. Grandma must have told you many great stories for you to be able to make a whole quilt of her special memories. Thank you for sharing :)
    I'm dying to know, what was Grandma's nickname?
    Happy Quilting --Kitty Pearl
    PS: Hi to Padsworth

  10. Good luck...all of us who voted for you are rooting for you!!!

  11. I voted for your quilt yesterday when it first opened up for voting! Beautiful quilt!


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