Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quilt Kit Market gift certificate winner!!

Whooo hooo! Somebody is going to win a $50 gift certificate to the Quilt Kit Market today!  I wonder who it will be?

Keep the Quilt Kit Market bookmarked after this giveaway . . . they are a wonderful resource for kits to make lovely quilts FAST!!  And you may remember this quilt top that I completed:

This is only one of the many gorgeous quilt kits that they have available! So please be sure to shop there often, and tell them you appreciate their sponsorship of the Lilypadquilting blog!

Now, without further ado (don't ya love it when they say that?) we'll let Mr. Random pick our winner . . .

Now let's see who No. 229 is --- why it's Quilter in the Gap!!

(I know, it says 29, but after 200 the "official number-er" starts over again...)  Thanks, Quilter in the Gap; we always appreciate the quilters who help us spread the word, so it's nice to award the prize to one of our PR Angels!! I'll be emailing you to get your shipping info momentarily!

Hope everyone has a quilt-y day!  And don't forget our humongous giveaway, going on now! Click here to enter to win!



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