Friday, February 3, 2012

Blossom Quilt

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I'm linking up today with Katherine's Corner and Savannah Granny, for Thursday Favorite Things linky party....because quilting is one of my favorite things! Also partying with Marcia's Minutes for Me!

Most of you know, by now, that I heart OleFrogEyes! This blog was named Lilypadquilting because of our mascot at the design wall site: Padsworth. And recently a dear, creative friend designed a quilt label especially for me to use, with a tiny froggie on it -- and I love it so much! Here he is:
Isn't he adorable? I think that she created the cutest little frog --- I can't wait to finish a project and iron him on to the white fabric I have cut and ready . . . that's why the design is reversed, ya know! 

The reason that I love OFE so much is that it makes it so easy to plan a quilt. I have started a quilt using the "Blossom" pattern from Fig Tree Quilts, and I'm using a fat quarter bundle of Butterscotch and Roses that I won this past spring, from Joanna Figueroa's blog. Here are the two blocks that I finished last night:

Now, when you create a quilt on OFE, you click on a square and upload a photo (em-smallened with software) to that particular square. You add as many as you please, and then save your changes. Then you can start playing with lattice and borders! 

Here is what I mean . . . 

This is a screen shot of my gallery page, and I have uploaded the pictures of the first four flower "petals" that will make up the Blossom quilt.  I've chosen a beige-y kind of color scheme for the lattice and borders. But when I get more blocks in there, I might decide that I want a different palette . . . I'm using all of the bundle that I can, so there will be browns, reds, blues, and greens. I could decide to do this:

Hmmmm . . .

Do you know how long that took? Less than twenty seconds --- and I'm auditioning a new color! 

A bonus as I'm making these blocks can be seen here:

Yippee! Each time I add a side to a "petal" I go back and stitch again, a quarter-inch away, and then slice that off . . . I think if I use those, and my scraps, I may have a whole second quilt! Gonna use OFE to design it, too! 
As I add more blocks, I'll post some pictures, and get y'all to tell me which color scheme looks best, OK? I would appreciate the help!


PS. If you want to see the quilt in the gallery, just click on this linkie, and you can check it out!


  1. Oh how fun!!! I was just clicking through the neat!!! I can't wait to help you pick a color scheme!!

  2. I love the idea of a software that is a little more user friendly than what I use now. I like the rose colored sashing.:)

  3. Love the new quilt label! Perfect for you! Thanks for linking up to Minutes for Me! Love the quilt layout too. That program makes it easy. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a cute label! I have not heard of Ole Frog Eyes, but am on my way there now!

    Thanks to Marcia for a great linky party!

  5. I'm looking forward to watching this one grow on OFE - the colors look so yummy!

  6. Loving the label Jacque! That froggie is a cutie pie.


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