Sunday, January 29, 2012

Got thread? (A Giveaway)

(Please note: This giveaway is now closed.)
I have a philosophical question for you . . . we quilters love to pet and talk to our fabric; we go to great lengths to choose just the right batting; we have our beloved ways of quilting our projects --- but do we give much thought to the thread?  Seriously!!

Lilypadquilters! I would like to introduce you to our newest partner --- Superior Thread! Some of you may already use their products, but the name may be new to some of you . . .

Many shops and stores carry Superior, but if you can't find it near you, never fear! They have an awesome website --- really well organized and user friendly, and you can order straight from them.  If you are impatient, you can click on the button on the left and go straight to the site and look around . . . but I'd like to tell you some really neat information, if you'll hang in there!

Superior is located in St. George, Utah, and has been serving quilters and sewists for many years. They are super friendly and have a wonderful sense of humor. No kidding --- click on that blue "I Love Superior" button over there, and then click on "Other" on the navigation bar . . . then choose "The Quilt Stash Song."  I'll just cool my heels here while you go. No, really, go ahead. (Even if you don't listen to it, at least read the lyrics - it's a hoot!)

Dum - de - dum - de - de - dum . . .  You're back? OK.

When I spent some time browsing the Superior site, I was pretty impressed with the variety of different threads there. It might be confusing, seeing that there is a dizzying number of fibers, weights, and yardages, but  the site also has super descriptions of the threads. They tell you about the fiber, the advantages, and even note the uses that they feel that particular thread is best for. There are some specifically for long arm quilting, some for home machines and piecing, and, and, well, you get the picture.

The part I thought was amazing was their Try Me page. (Again, if you want to check it out, please click over there on the left and go - I'll explain in a minute.)  On the home page, you can click on the left on "Products," and then scoot down to "Specials and Try Me Specials" to get there.  I could be wrong, but I think I saw every one of their products on that page -- you can try out the thread in regular sizes, at a discounted price --- even one spool, if you desire. Then if you decide it's perfect for your project, you can go back and order a basketful! And if you are worried about the color being displayed correctly on your monitor, check out their color cards! 

They have spools that have a mere (grin) 600 yards, and they have 2,500 - 3,000 yard ones, and they have Jumbo ones of 22,000 yards! Ya won't run out for a while, will ya!!

They offer a Thread of the Month Club, with neat projects and threads to complete them, too!
Now, here is the really impressive part: the thread is guaranteed! No kidding! How many times have you long-arm quilters been trying to complete a project and had thread breaking right and left? How many times have we placed a new spool on our machines and then (insert name of your machine here - you DO have a name for your machine, don't you?) begins to cough and sputter and generally refuses to cooperate? 
If you use the thread in the application that they suggest, and with the needle they recommend, and you have breakage and snarls and what-not, they stand behind their product! Check out the guarantee at the bottom of their home page! Here it is:

Now, why am I harping on clicking on that blue button in the left-hand sidebar? Well, as I said, Lilypadquilting is partnering with Superior. Here is what that means . . .  they will keep track of the visits that originate at this blog. And what is even better, is that they will keep track of the purchases that start here. 

For example, if one of you special peeps clicks on that button, falls in love with some of the King Tut thread, and purchases several large spools, they'll put a small percentage of that purchase into a "bucket" marked Lilypadquilting.  I intend to use that bucket to pay-it-forward: when there is enough there to buy thread for a giveaway, I'll buy it and offer the thread as a giveaway here at the Lilypad! Cool, huh? I think so!

Now, I would really like to give Superior a warm Lilypad welcome, so here is a giveaway starting today!

There are six charm packs here . . . all solids. One Bella, by Moda, in a pretty cream color. The rest are all Kona cottons: a Dusty Palette, a Bright Palette, a Pastel Palette, a Classic Palette, and a Dark Palette.
We'll have two winners, so each winner will receive three charm packs --- and a 550 yard spool of Superior's So Fine 50 wt. thread!
How do you enter to win? I'm glad that you asked!

1. First of all, we love our followers at Lilypadquilting, so
    leave me a comment first, telling me that you follow. 
2. Next, click on that blue button and when you reach the
    Superior site, sign up for their newsletter - and come
    back and tell me you did!
3. While you are there, check out the Try Me page and 
    comment on which of their threads you would like to
    try out!
4. If you'd like another chance, "like" them on Facebook.
    Just for fun, you can tell Todd you liked the song! And
    of course, let them know I sent you. (Wink)
5. Finally, if you help to spread the word about our give-
    away on your blog or Facebook page, comment and let
    me know that you did, for another chance to win.

Whew! Lots of chances to win! So let the commenting begin --- and remember, if you purchase some of their thread, START HERE (puh-leeze?), so that the giveaways can roll on!!
We'll keep this open for a week, which means we'll close it on Feb. 5th, and announce the winner on February 6th! Good luck!