Thursday, August 27, 2015

Let the voting begin . . . Pets on Quilts (Closed)

It's time to vote! (VOTING IS CLOSED NOW. Thank you to everyone who voted!)

We will be choosing our viewers' choice winners! How do you do this?  You will leave a comment [on this post] with your choices in these categories:

                 Dog on quilt - number 105
                 Cat on quilt - number 430
                 Other animal on quilt - number 212
                 Animal themed quilt - number 119

Got the idea? It's easy-peasy! (Grin)

Now, here's some exciting information about the random drawings. There are lots of possible entries! You can leave a separate comment for each entry and tell me if you:

              1. Participated in the show
                   2. Commented on all the entries (I know there were one or two
                       that you could not comment on, but if you did all the rest, leave
                       a comment to tell me!)
                   3. Posted the badge for the show on your blog (10 more entries)
                   4. Posted on Facebook (5 more entries)
                   5. Chirped on Twitter (5 more)
                   6. Emailed your buds to tell them about it (5 more)
                   7. Hopped over to all of the sponsor pages to look around
                   8. Made a blanket or bed for the Padsworth project (10 more entries,
                       but you must post on the project linky party to verify)

Wow! You see, you can leave lots of comments for those extra entries! We're serious about wanting to have lots of winners!  Don't forget to click here to see our Sponsor Hall of Fame, and to refresh your memory of the adorable pets in our show!

Yes, it is perfectly permissible to ask your bloggy and/or quilting friends to come and vote -- with one caveat . . .  please, PLEASE ask them to vote for the other categories, too, not just the one that your furbaby is in! We want everyone to have fun at our party!

The voting will be open for a week: it will close on next Thursday, September 3.

Then, Snoodles, Padsworth, and DragonDrop will sharpen our pencils (we're old-school, ya know!) and tally the results.
We'll announce just as soon as we possibly can.

Now, I know that there is no way that I can respond to all of the comments we will get, so please don't be offended if you don't hear from us! (Grin)

Let the voting begin!