Friday, August 14, 2015

Creative Goodness Party!

Have you seen the fun each week at QuiltShopGal's blog? You should hop over there and check it out!

I wanted to share in the fun, so I'm showing off my Alphabet Quilt that I made recently -- for a brand new grandma! This is definitely a "kid-friendly" project!

Each block in the quilt stands for a letter . . . airplanes for A, bugs for B, ears of corn for C, etc.

I free motion quilted it, mostly outlining the inhabitants of each block.

Lattice strips separate the blocks, and plain green blocks fill in the corners, to make it square -- the plain blocks are great for personalizing your quilt for the recipient! You can put all kinds of things; you might put the baby's name, the date of birth, etc.  I put the grandma's name, since she will be using it at her house. 

You can see from the top picture that the backing is fleece, in a cute construction equipment print.

Click on this linkie to go back to the Creative Goodness party at QuiltShopGal's blog -- enjoy the fun!

Our Pet Show party starts next week!!



  1. Hi Jacque! This is a beautiful quilt and the idea of alphabets is great! Will be fun for to think what word there is in each square. And was surely fun for you to pick the pieces. x Teje

  2. So very cool Jacque and I love the outlining you did!

  3. Clever idea Jacque! Both the grandma and baby will love it!


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