Saturday, August 8, 2015

It's a small, small world!

Recently I created a quilt for a friend and business associate . . . we discovered some time ago that we had gone to the same elementary school, though we hadn't known each other at the time.

She recently became a first-time grandmama, so I knew I wanted to make something just for her.

I had some blocks from a swap that I participated in, and I thought an A-B-C quilt would be just the ticket!

The first block has airplanes; the next has bugs; the third has corn; and the fourth dogs . . . and so on, across the rows.

I had some wonderful, thick fleece in my stash that was perfect for a little guy:

Here are some of the blocks, up close and personal:

"J is for Jungle." All of these were free motion quilted; the lattice strips between the blocks were given a geometrical motif, and many of the blocks were outline quilted around the objects or animals.

E, of course, is for elephants, and don't forget that K is for kittens!

These hazelnuts fill in nicely for "N"...

On the Unicorn, I quilted the clouds and swirls and left the animal un-quilted.

You might be able to see the outline quilting around the ears of corn.

Here's a shot that shows the front and the fleece backing.

I had a great time making this; I personalized it with her name in one corner, the phrase "It's a small world" in another (because that is what we said when we realized we went to school together years ago!) and my name and the date in a third corner.

I'm hoping that this little quilt gets used a lot!



  1. Very clever, indeed! I'll bet it was lots of fun to make, too! I'm sure she is going to be over the moon upon receipt of such a thoughtful gift.

  2. Yes, I hope the little one uses it and plays tent with it and loves it until it is in tatters. In my opinion, that is what quilts are for.

  3. How sweet of you! Fun quilt idea. I'm sure your friend will be happily surprised and the quilt will be loved a lot.

  4. What a great quilt to gift a 1st time gramma - very clever. Love fleece for backing baby and toddler quilts.

  5. I love this! What a great way to do an alphabet quilt!

  6. I love the idea of an abc quilt and your quilting is great!


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