Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Check out our new Pet Show sponsor! Wow!

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Hear those trumpets?

Padsworth, DragonDrop and I (Snoodles) would like to introduce you to our newest sponsor!

Put your paws together for this generous sponsor for the show . . . did you know the Pets show starts on the 17th? Woot!

Do me a favor, won't you? Hop over to their Facebook page and "like" it, or gallop over to their Pinterest page and follow! Check out their blog here and please sign up for their email newletters for sales and promotions!

Why do I ask you to do those things? Because that helps our sponsors know that we've introduced all of you special peeps to their wonderful online stores! AND, because you are going to be so inspired by all they offer!

J and O Fabrics is going to be your "go to" for so many types of fabrics . . . from upholstery to drapery, from dress fabrics to NFL and MLB, and much more!

I was especially impressed with their selection of novelty fabrics -- check out this link to that part of their store.

I believe they may have every animal you could want . . .

                                   (what does the fox say?)


            Padsworth is partial to this print, for some reason. (Grin)

           Anybody need a "how tall am I?" panel? This is cute!

                           I feel an "I -Spy" quilt coming on!

From mice to moose, J and O Fabrics has you covered!

Want other novelty fabrics?

Let's talk Betty Boop!   And baseball!

And cats! (just for you and Smitty and Gracie, Barbara!)

And colleges!

Whew! You're just going to have to hop over there and see for yourself!

One lucky Pets on Quilts show winner will be able to shop all of these fabulous fabric finds (awesome alliteration?) with the prize that J and O Fabrics is sponsoring:

   A $50 gift certificate for one lucky winner!

We're so excited that the show is almost here! Are you ready?



  1. Very nice!! their animal fabrics ar so cute

  2. Wow these a re the best for us who quilt with pets! Looking for the show! x Teje

  3. What great animal prints! I could spend, spend, spend. Fabulous sponsor

  4. Woohoo! They look like a great sponsor Jacque! Off to Pinterest I go.

  5. Congratulations. It's great to have a sponsor.


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